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Some weeds are harder to kill and control than others. When sedges have taken over the turfgrass, fight back with Prosedge 2. It's a fact-acting herbicide with an active ingredient that knocks down the worst sedges in the turf. It starts to work within 48 hours of application and is rainfast within four hours of spraying in the target areas.

How Prosedge 2 Works

Prosedge selective herbicide is used for postemergent weed control in established turfgrass. It contains the active ingredient halosulfuron-methyl, which interrupts the amino acid production within the weed. It's absorbed into the leaf tissue between 24 and 48 hours after application and starts to work immediately. The ingredient is then translocated throughout the weed, stopping its growth and killing the weed on the spot.

Where to Use Prosedge 2

Prosedge 2 fast-acting herbicide can be used on most established turfgrass areas, which include commercial and residential turfgrass. It can be applied to both cool- and warm-season turf to control mature weeds in the area. Not only is it useful for keeping lawns free of weeds but also noncrop areas like roadsides and rights-of-way, as well as airports and cemeteries. Apply this water-dispersible granular herbicide on public recreation areas like parks, including golf courses. It's safe for use on ornamental turfgrass and landscaped areas, keeping weeds at bay.

Target Weeds

Where Prosedge 2 herbicide really shines is its effectiveness on sedges, namely purple and yellow nutsedge. These are hard-to-control weeds, but Prosedge's active ingredient circulates throughout the sedges and knocks them out. It's also effective against kyllinga, suppressing it in the labeled sites. Use Prosedge 2 to kill and control other postemergent weeds like cocklebur and horsetail, as well as smooth and redroot pigweed. It's also effective against common and giant ragweed, including sunflower and velvetleaf.

Prosedge 2 Features and Benefits

For faster sedge control, Prosedge 2 delivers. The active ingredient is translocated through the weed system, disrupting normal processes and killing the plants quickly. It can be used on established turfgrass, including ornamental turfgrass on commercial, residential and recreational properties. It knocks out sedges and kills other common weeds like smooth ragweed. Some other reasons to use Prosedge 2 herbicide for weed control include:

  • Can be used on established lawns and recreational turf
  • Kills yellow and purple nutsedge quickly
  • Perfect for sedge and weed control on noncrop sites
  • Comes in an easy-to-use water-soluble formulation
  • Suppresses kyllinga on the labeled sites
  • Safe to use on most cool- and warm-season grasses

Control Weeds Faster with Prosedge 2 Herbicide

When purple nutsedge or ragweed takes over the lawn, use Prosedge 2 selective herbicide to eliminate them. It contains an effective active ingredient to kill the toughest sedges and to control other common weeds like kyllinga. The chemical is absorbed by the weed within one to two days of application, and it's rainfast in only four hours. Whether weeds have taken over a golf course or have popped up in the backyard, nothing takes out hard-to-control weeds like Prosedge 2.

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