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Mallet 2F T&O is a liquid insecticide for use on residential and commercial landscapes. It has an active ingredient that provides quick knockdown of the labeled pests and also continues to work for three months depending on the application. It can be applied to a variety of turf and plants and kills the most invasive plant-damaging insects, including aphids and white grub larvae.

How Mallet 2F T&O Works

Mallet 2F insecticide contains the active ingredient imidacloprid, a potent neurotoxin. Because insects have different neural pathways than humans, it's highly toxic against pests and less harmful to people. The ingredient starts to work at the moment of contact or by ingestion and targets the nervous system of the labeled pests. They begin to lose all basic functions and are unable to move. As paralysis sets in, the insects can't eat or preen and soon die.

Where to Use Mallet 2F T&O

Mallet 2F T&O (turf and ornamental) can be used in most residential areas, such as home and apartment landscapes. It can also be applied to commercial landscaping to prevent damage from leaf-feeding insects. Because the ingredient is so potent, Mallet insecticide can be sprayed in low use rates and provide exceptional pest control. Apply Mallet 2F insecticide to labeled trees, shrubs, turf and groundcovers to protect against insect damage, as well as on flowers, fruit and nut trees, and interiorscapes.

Target Pests

Use Mallet 2F T&O Insecticide to knock down and control the most invasive plant-damaging insects on residential and commercial landscapes. It's highly effective against aphids and billbugs, June beetles and leafminers, and mole cricks and sawfly larvae. Use it to protect trees and shrubs from soft scales and mealybugs, as well as to keep weevils and mole crickets off the lawn. Mallet is labeled for use on the most common pests like thrips, lace bugs and whiteflies.

Mallet 2F Features and Benefits

The active ingredient in Mallet 2F makes it an excellent tool for quick knockdown of leaf-feeding insect pests. It can be used on fruit and nut trees, home lawns and interiorscapes and combined with other pesticides for greater control. It can even be used on golf courses and sod farms when applied as directed. Some features and benefits of Mallet 2F T&O include:

  • Provides three months of control when used as a drench
  • Provides residual control for up to four weeks as a spray
  • Suppresses chinch bug infestations in the turf
  • Easy to mix and highly effective at low use rates

Mallet 2F: Quick Knockdown and Residual Control

Mallet 2F T&O Insecticide is a necessary product in the fight against turf and ornamental pest insects. It kills and controls the worst plant-damaging insects, knocking them down on contact and providing between four weeks and three months of residual control depending on the method of application. Whether it's aphids and whiteflies on ornamental plants or flat-headed borers on fruit and nut trees, use Mallet 2F insecticide to kill the pests quickly and to keep them away for good.






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