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Plant-damaging insects make it hard to grow healthy ornamentals, trees and shrubs. Arena 0.25 is a granular insecticide specially designed for use on plants to eliminate pest infestations. It can be used in turfgrass and targets a variety of invasive pests, from lace bugs to whiteflies. It's easy to apply and can be used at low and high rates depending on the infestation levels.

How Arena 0.25 Works

Arena 0.25 contains clothianidin as the active ingredient. It's a neonicotinoid that targets the insect's central nervous system. It acts much like a pyrethroid but is often used as a substitute. Once the insect contacts or ingests the ingredient, the nerves and muscles become overexcited. This effect leads to total paralysis and death within minutes or hours depending on the pest.

Where to Use Arena Insecticide

Arena 0.25 insecticide is labeled for use on nonbearing fruit and nut trees, as well as landscape ornamentals and shrubs. It can be applied to turfgrass to target turf-damaging pests. Use it to protect newly planted seeds and emerging grass on sod farms. It's also useful for interior plantscapes and can be applied to most any established plant. Refer to the label for exact target sites and use rates. Once it's applied, irrigate the area thoroughly. Failure to do so may result in less effective treatment of the insect pests.

Target Pests

Use Arena 0.25 to treat numerous plant-damaging insects such as adelgids, lace bugs and leaf beetles. It can be used to kill and control leafhoppers and leafminers, as well as mealybugs and psyllids. Use it to control root weevils, chinch bugs and round-headed borers. It's highly effective against thrips and whiteflies, as well as crane flies and mole crickets. Apply it in the turf to kill white grubs and armyworms. Whether it's cutworms or sod webworms, Arena knocks out the infestation.

Arena 0.25 Features and Benefits

Arena 0.25 granular insecticide is easy to use and can be applied by homeowners and turf management professionals alike. It should be applied at the first sign of an infestation. Waiting until the population has doubled will require higher use rates of the granules. It can be applied to established turf and plants and may even be used to kill and control pests on interior plantscapes. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Kills dozens of plant-damaging insect species
  • Ideal for controlling whiteflies and chinch bugs
  • Comes in granular form for easy application
  • Can be used to protect interior plantscapes
  • Perfect for turfgrass, sod farms and ornamentals

Prevent and Cure Infestations with Arena

A pest infestation will only get worse if it's left untreated. Using Arena 0.25 granular insecticide is the answer to plant-damaging pests. It can be used in turfgrass and on established plants and applied in light or heavy rates to combat any level of infestation. It's easy to apply and works immediately once it's watered into the treated area. Whether it's fungus gnats or white grubs, Arena insecticide makes quick work of an unwanted infestation.





Active Ingredient

Clothianidin 0.25%

Container Size

30 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





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