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Headway G contains the same active ingredients as Headway Fungicide but comes in an easy-to-use granular formulation. It's the perfect choice for treating and preventing turf diseases on golf courses and lawns. The two active ingredients have different modes of action to move through the disease, wiping it out and preventing further damage to the turf and plants.

How Headway G Fungicide Works

Headway G Fungicide contains azoxystrobin and propiconazole as the two active ingredients. They work independently to provide total disease control. The first ingredient interferes with mitochondrial respiration in the diseases, preventing spore germination and fungal growth. The second ingredient disrupts the synthesis process of ergosterol in the fungus, slowing its growth and effectively killing it. They have two modes of action to target the fungal disease systemically.

Where to Use Headway G

Headway G granular fungicide can be used on most turfgrass for the treatment and control of fungal diseases. It can be used on golf courses and home lawns, as well as commercial landscaped areas around businesses and industrial buildings. Apply the granules to the turf on institutional sites and public buildings to keep the grass free of invasive fungal growth. It's not labeled for use on turf grown for commercial use as sod or seed production. Refer to the label for exact instructions for use.

Target Pests

Headway G is effective at killing and controlling a variety of turf diseases, from spots and blights to patches and mildews. It cures leaf and stem blights and knocks out leaf, stem and stripe rusts. It's also effective at controlling gray leaf spot and gray snow mold, as well as powdery mildew and necrotic ring spot. Use Headway to kill and control pink patch, pink snow mold and pythium blight, as well as to eliminate summer patch and brown patch from the turf.

Benefits of Headway G for Turfgrass Diseases

Fungal diseases spread throughout the landscape and can affect the ornamental plants on the same site. It doesn't take long before the grass and plants succumb to the diseases and die. Headway G Fungicide is specially made for turf disease control, killing the fungal infections before they can further damage the lawn. The granules are easy to apply with spreaders and can be used on cool- and warm-season grasses. Some major benefits of using Headway G for turf disease control include:

  • Combines two active ingredients for greater control
  • Controls gray snow mold, brown patch and other common turf diseases
  • Can be used in rotation with other fungicides to delay disease resistance
  • Labeled for use in golf course management

Headway G Provides Total Control of Turfgrass Diseases

Diseases will spread throughout the lawn if conditions are right and no interference is taken. Headway G granular fungicide stops the infections and prevents the formation of diseases across the turf. It combines two active ingredients to knock out fungal diseases and to keep the lawn healthy and strong. It works quickly and can be used with other fungicides for better disease control.





Active Ingredient

Azoxystrobin 0.31%

Propiconazole 0.75%

Container Size

30 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





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