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Nutsedge and broadleaf weeds can quickly take over home and commercial lawns if they're not treated in time. With Certainty herbicide, these weeds die quickly and no longer compete for nutrients in the yard. It contains a highly active ingredient that interferes with the weeds' growth development, knocking them down and preventing them from spreading seed. Certainty can be used on labeled warm-season grasses such as bahiagrass and St. Augustine.

How Certainty Herbicide Works

Certainty herbicide contains sulfosulfuron, a selective chemical that works on certain broadleaf weeds and sedges. Because it's a selective herbicide, Certainty doesn't affect nontarget plants. It works by blocking amino acid development in the weeds, slowing overall cell division and weed growth. It starts to work within hours and kills the weeds completely within weeks of application.

Where to Use Certainty Turf Herbicide

Certainty weed killer is labeled for use on residential and commercial turfgrass to kill and control sedges, broadleaf weeds and kyllinga. Use it to control weeds on managed turf sites, as well as ornamental and native grass areas. It can be used with ground broadcast equipment and hand sprayers but should be applied carefully to minimize drift. It's safe to apply Certainty on labeled warm-season grasses, including some cool-season turf like Kentucky bluegrass and fine fescue. While it's generally safe to use on native grasses, refer to the label for exact application rates.

Target Weeds

Use Certainty weed control herbicide to target everything from henbit to burweed. It knocks down white clover and controls dandelions and chickweed. The active ingredient works well against ground ivy and wild garlic, as well as crowfootgrass and both purple and yellow nutsedge. Once applied, this herbicide works on contact to move through the weed and to knock down ryegrass, johnsongrass and bentgrass. Other target weeds include:

  • Geranium
  • Kyllinga
  • Wild pennycress
  • Quackgrass
  • Globe sedge

Certainty also suppresses dallisgrass and buttonweed in select warm-season grasses.

Benefits of Using Certainty on Lawns

If weeds are left ignored, they will grow out of control and spread to other parts of the lawn. It will then take a lot of work and money to get rid of them and to improve the look of the turf. Certainty herbicide kills postemergent broadleaf weeds and sedges on warm-season turf and native grass sites. Some of the main benefits include:

  • Offers exceptional nutsedge control
  • Can be used as broadcast and spot treatments
  • Perfect for use on home lawns and commercial landscapes
  • Includes a nonionic surfactant for greater coverage
  • Suppresses dallisgrass and buttonweed in select grasses

Protect Lawns from Weeds With Certainty

Don't let weeds take over the lawn. Knock them out quickly with Certainty herbicide. This effective weed killer contains a potent chemical for selective broadleaf weed and sedge control, killing the species without causing harm to the surrounding turfgrass. The included surfactant improves coverage in the target area and makes the herbicide work even better. It can be used on labeled warm- and cool-season grasses to kill everything from henbit to yellow nutsedge.





Active Ingredient

Sulfosulfuron 75%

Container Size

1.25 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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