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Forbid Miticide and Insecticide is designed for killing and controlling mites and various insect pests on ornamental plants and flowers. It can be used for residential and commercial plants, as well as those grown on recreational sites such as parks. It targets the insects and mites at every stage of development, helping to control infestations for long after an application in the target area.

How Forbid Miticide Works

Forbid 4F ornamental insecticide contains spiromesifen as the active ingredient. It contains such a high concentration of this ingredient that it not only kills soft-bodied insect pests quickly but also resistant mite species. It has a unique mode of action that offers quick knockdown as well as residual control for as many as 45 days after application on ornamental plants and flowers.

Where to Use Forbid Ornamental Insecticide

Apply Forbid Miticide and Insecticide on foliage plants, ornamental plants and flowers in residential and commercial areas, such as homes and businesses. It can be used to protect the plants around apartment complexes from leaf-damaging insects and mites. Use it on flowers around business parks and industrial sites, as well as on and around recreational areas such as golf courses and public parks. Forbid has exceptional translaminar activity, so it will target the insects even when they're feeding on the opposite side of the leaf.

Target Pests

Forbid is specially formulated to kill and control mites of all species and at all life stages, which include the nymphs and eggs. It effectively kills two-spotted spider mites and southern red mites, as well as false spider mites and rust mites. Use it to knock down and control blister mites, broad mites and cyclamen mites. It provides residual control of all developmental stages of tumid mites, maple spider mites and other species. Not only is Forbid 4F effective against mites but also whiteflies, including species of silverleaf, greenhouse and sweetpotato.

Forbid 4F Miticide Features and Benefits

Because it targets all developmental stages of mites, Forbid is a must-have product for anyone looking to protect foliage plants from current and future infestations. It also works against whiteflies, preventing damage to ornamental plants and flowers. It controls the eggs, the nymphs and the adults, making it one of the most effective insecticides and miticides on the market. Other benefits of Forbid for insect and mite control include:

  • Provides quick knockdown of target pests
  • Offers residual control for up to 45 days
  • Targets resistant mite and insect species
  • Has minimal effects on beneficial insects when used as directed

Knock Down Mites and Ornamental Pests With Forbid

Forbid Insecticide and Miticide is a formidable opponent in the fight against spider mites and whiteflies. It can be used on residential, commercial and recreational properties to protect foliage plants and ornamental plants and flowers from damage. It controls pests for 45 days after application and not only affects the adults but also the eggs. For long-lasting mite and insect control, Forbid 4F should be used in any integrated pest management (IPM) program.





Active Ingredient

Spiromesifen 45.2%

Container Size

8 oz

Application Amount

See label for details.





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