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AzaGuard is an insecticide with multiple modes of action to wipe out pest infestations in greenhouses and outdoor areas. The active ingredient works quickly to repel and to control more than 300 pest species in areas such as shade houses, plant nurseries and noncrop sites. It's fast, effective and easy to apply to the target area, reducing pest populations and preventing future infestations.

How AzaGuard Insecticide Works

AzaGuard contains an active ingredient called azadirachtin, which works as an insect repellent and an insect growth regulator. With these modes of action, the ingredient moves through the plants and targets aphids, mites and other pests that feed on the leaves, shoots and roots. It repels insects from feeding on the plants, as well as disrupts the growth of pest larvae. While it doesn't knock down current infestations, it prevents future ones from happening.

Where to Use AzaGuard Nematicide

AzaGuard can be used most anywhere pest insects threaten commercial crops as well as recreational sites. Use it to combat pest damage in turfgrass, such as those caused by chinch bugs and weevils. Apply it on golf courses and athletic fields to reduce insect populations on fairways and greens. It's perfect for keeping aphids and other insects off bedding plants, hanging baskets and ornamentals in greenhouses, shade houses and interior plantscapes. AzaGuard mixes and applies easily as a foliar spray and can also be used as a drench to combat pests in the soil.

Target Pests

AzaGuard eliminates and prevents infestations from a variety of insects, including various mites in gardens and shrubs. It targets the most common plant-damaging insects like aphids and thrips as well as leafminers and grasshoppers. It works well to prevent the larvae from molting and maturing into adults, keeping stink bugs and chinch bug populations from growing out of control. Some other target pests include:

  • Thrips
  • Mealybugs
  • Fungus gnats
  • Whiteflies
  • Parasitic nematodes

Why Use AzaGuard to Control Pests?

Because it has multiple modes of action, AzaGuard is a must-have product for anyone who wants to control insect pests without having to use several products. It has a highly effective chemical ingredient that repels insect pests and stops the life cycle of the larvae. It's the ultimate insect growth regulator and can be used on everything from home lawns to recreational sites and greenhouses. Other reasons to use AzaGuard for insect control include:

  • Targets more than 300 different insect pests
  • Works on food crops, trees, athletic turf and more
  • Acts as an antifeedant and an insect repellent
  • Safe to use around people and pets

AzaGuard is the Ultimate Insect Growth Regulator

Protect gardens, ornamental flowers and turfgrass with AzaGuard insect growth regulator and repellent. It works immediately on insect larvae to stop their growth and to prevent future infestations. It can be applied as a soil drench or a foliar spray to control everything from aphids to nematodes. It may also be applied with fogging equipment as directed by the label. Though it doesn't control mature insects, it is effective at repelling them and preventing damage to the plants.

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