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Acelepryn G insecticide has the same active formula as Acelepryn Liquid but in convenient, ready-to-use granules. The granules are easy to apply to the target area and provide longer results since they break down slowly in the soil. This insecticide kills many of the same turf pests as the liquid variant and prevents further damage to lawns, golf courses and other landscaped areas.

How Acelepryn G Works

Acelepryn granules are easy to apply with a handheld spreader and start to work at the moment of contact and ingestion. The granules contain chlorantraniliprole, an active ingredient that opens up the insect's calcium channels in their muscles. When exposed to the chemical, the insect becomes paralyzed over time and dies. It works on a variety of pest insects that target grasses and plants, preventing brown patches and other damage. Acelepryn not only works outdoors but also indoors on interior plantscapes.

Where to Use Acelepryn G

Apply Acelepryn G insecticide granules in areas where white grubs and other turf pests are located. It's best to use it on home lawns and recreational turfgrass like parks and athletic fields. Use it to target insect pests around landscape ornamentals and shrubs. It's perfect to keep golf course turf free of bald spots and brown patches from chinch bug damage. Acelepryn G is made for integrated pest management programs since the active ingredient doesn't target natural predators such as predatory mites and ladybird beetles. Some places to use Acelepryn granules include:

  • Golf courses
  • Parks
  • Residential complexes
  • Athletic fields
  • Business landscapes

Target Pests

Acelepryn granular insecticide eliminates numerous turfgrass pests on lawns and ornamental landscapes. It's highly effective at controlling and preventing white grub infestations, which can lead to a massive Japanese beetle infestation in the summer. Use it to suppress chinch bugs and to kill turf caterpillars and European crane flies. Other target pests include:

  • Billbugs
  • Bluegrass weevils
  • Cutworms
  • Masked chafers
  • Sod worms

Advantages of Acelepryn Granular Insecticide

Granular insecticides are easy to apply with drop, rotary and handheld spreaders. They break down more slowly than liquid insecticides, providing longer residual control over invasive turf pests. Acelepryn G can be used on many different sites, such as residential lawns and interior plantscapes, to control plant-damaging insects. It also protects sod farms and other commercial farms. Some other advantages for using Acelepryn G include:

  • Keeps golf courses free of invasive turf pests
  • Perfect for exterior and interior plantscapes
  • Kills white grubs and controls chinch bugs
  • Easy to apply with various spreaders
  • Breaks down slowly for longer pest control

Acelepryn G Provides Residual Pest Control

Acelepryn G granular insecticide provides long-lasting pest control on golf courses, home lawns and other landscaped areas. The active ingredient starts to work quickly and controls resistant turf pests like chinch bugs and masked chafers. The granules are easily applied to turfgrass using a variety of spreaders and break down slowly in the soil. It continues to work for weeks after the first application and suppresses turf pests before they turn into infestations.






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