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Restricted use in the state of NM and TX. Pesticide license required. 

Some weeds are harder to kill than others. With Strike 3® herbicide, tough weeds don't stand a chance. It contains three active ingredients to kill the most hard-to-control weeds on a variety of turfgrass sites and noncrop areas. It can even be mixed with certain fertilizers to promote healthy lawns while killing the weeds. When annual and perennial weeds invade the lawn, Strike back with Strike 3 weed killer.

How Strike 3 Herbicide Works

Strike 3 weed killer contains three active ingredients for systemic control of hard-to-kill weeds: dicamba, mecoprop-p and 2,4-D. They each have a specific mode of action to get right to the source and knock down the weeds from the target sites. It works on the most invasive weeds in the area, from spurge to dandelion. Strike 3 may be mixed with some liquid fertilizers to improve turf growth at the application site.

Where to Use Strike 3 Herbicide

Use Strike 3 herbicide to kill weeds on turfgrass and noncrop sites, as well as to control weed growth on sod farms. It kills invasive weeds and keeps them off home lawns and commercial turf, as well as along roadsides, rights-of-way and other labeled noncrop areas. Apply it with spray equipment to control weeds on nursery farms and golf courses, ornamental plantscapes and recreational areas. It removes annual and perennial weeds from ditches and keeps grassy landscapes free of clover, henbit and more.

Target Weeds

Get rid of weeds with the active ingredients in Strike 3 herbicide. It's an effective weed killer that targets everything from bedstraw to yarrow. It kills and controls black medic and buckhorn, chicory and chickweed, and dandelion and ground ivy. Use it to knock down henbit, knotweed and mallow, as well as pigweed, plantain and poison ivy. It works to kill the most invasive weeds on roadsides and home lawns, such as ragweed, speedwell and wild garlic. See the label for even more target weeds.

Benefits of Strike 3 Weed Killer

Strike 3 weed killer controls the weeds from the shoots to the roots, burning down the weed from the inside out. It's selective in nature, so it's more effective on target weeds and less harmful to surrounding turfgrass and ornamentals. It can be mixed with fertilizers and adjuvants to kill weeds and to promote healthier, stronger grass. Some benefits and features include:

  • Contains three active ingredients for better weed control
  • Safe for use on sod farms and home lawns
  • Can be combined with labeled fertilizers
  • Knocks out annual and perennial broadleaf weeds
  • Keeps golf courses free of invasive weed growth

Control Weeds on Turf with Strike 3

Whether it's clover and dandelion or henbit and spurge, Strike 3 herbicide kills the weeds on a variety of sites. It eliminates the weeds along roadsides, on sod farms and in residential turfgrass. It's effective against the most invasive annual and perennial weeds and contains three active ingredients to provide more successful weed control. When weeds take over home lawns and ornamental plantscapes, use Strike 3 weed killer to get rid of the weeds for good.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Active Ingredient Dimethylamine salt 2, 4 dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, Dimethylamine salt of (2)-R-2 (2-methyl-4-chlorophenoxy) propionic acid, Dimethylamine salt of dicamba (3,6,dichloro-o-anisic acid), Other Ingredients
Composition 30.56%, 8.17%, 2.77%, 58.50%
Container Size Gallon
Case Amount 4x1
Application Amount See label for details.






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Mitch Olson

Strike 3

ron goodman

have not sprayed yet but used it last year and well satisfied with it

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