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Finalsan is an herbicidal soap used to kill and control a variety of weeds and other unwanted vegetation. It's nonselective in nature, meaning it will kill most plants that it touches. It can be used on commercial sites for fast and effective weed control, as well as in areas for site preparation before planting grass, flowers or vegetables. Finalsan works quickly and is safe to use around fruit-bearing plants and trees.

How Finalsan Herbicidal Soap Works

Finalsan Herbicidal Soap contains ammonium soap of fatty acids, which works quickly to kill, control and suppress the most common annual and perennial weeds. It breaks down rapidly in the soil and can be used at any time of year to kill and control weeds before planting. It's biodegradable and rainfast in as little as three hours.

Where to Use Finalsan Herbicide

Use Finalsan herbicide for weed control on commercial sites and noncrop areas like roadsides, rights-of-way, fence rows and railways. It can be applied to roofs, patios and sidewalks to prevent weed growth. Apply Finalsan as a spot treatment for invasive weeds on lawns. It can be used around outdoor ornamentals under and around nursery and tree crops, as well as fruit-bearing plants under and around fruit trees and vines. Though it can be used as a spot treatment on lawns, it's primarily for commercial use and clearing weeds before planting grass and other vegetation.

Target Weeds

Finalsan kills, controls and suppresses common annual, biennial and perennial weeds such as chickweed, groundsel and round-leaved mallow. It's also effective against lamb's-quarters and dandelions. It works best to apply Finalsan in warmer weather as applying it in cold weather may delay injury to the weeds. Use it to kill moss and algae, as well as undesirable grasses and plants. It can be applied as a spot treatment or a broadcast application.

Why Use Finalsan Herbicidal Soap?

As a nonselective herbicidal soap, Finalsan is used to clear out areas for planting. After applying the soap to the weeds and other target areas, wait at least five days before planting desirable grasses, trees and flowers. It burns down perennial weeds fast and controls moss, algae and various broadleaf weeds and grasses. Some other reasons to use Finalsan for weed control include:

  • Rainfast in three hours
  • Has a nonstaining formula
  • Low risk factor when applying to labeled areas
  • Degrades quickly in the soil
  • Shows plant damage within an hour or two days after application

Kill Weeds on Contact With Finalsan

Finalsan Herbicidal Soap can be used as a spot treatment for weeds on lawns when applied as directed. It's highly effective at clearing roadsides and other noncrop sites of invasive weed growth and is effective at burning down weeds within an hour of application in most cases. It not only kills the most common broadleaf weeds and grasses but also moss and algae. Whether it's to knock down dandelions or to keep rights-of-way clear of weed growth, Finalsan is a commercial-grade herbicidal soap and gets rid of weeds fast.

Manufacturer Neudorff®
Primary Pest Herbicide
Utility  Liquid
Active Ingredient Ammoniated soap of fatty acids and Other Ingredients
Composition .22%, .78%
Container Size 2.5 gallon jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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