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Preventing weed growth in lawns and landscapes comes down to using a pre-emergent herbicide with an effective active ingredient. Dimension 2EW provides the power of a pre-emergent herbicide with the effectiveness of an early post-emergent product for crabgrass. It contains a powerful ingredient to kill weeds before they emerge and ruin the lawn. It can be used on home lawns and commercial landscapes to prevent nasty weed infestations.

How Dimension 2EW Works

Dimension 2EW herbicide contains the active ingredient dithiopyr. It's a chemical used in pre-emergent herbicides to combat weed growth before the weeds emerge. It inhibits the weed's ability to grow, killing it before it ever appears above the soil. Dimension is a water-based herbicide and is easy to apply with spray equipment to control various weeds throughout the season.

Where to Use Dimension Herbicide

Use Dimension 2EW to stop weed growth on home lawns and other residential landscapes. It can be used on warm- and cool-season grasses when applied as directed. It controls broadleaf weeds and grasses in field- and container-grown ornamentals. Use Dimension herbicide for weed control on golf course fairways, including the roughs and tees. It's also effective at stopping weed growth on commercial sod farms. Consider using Dimension liquid herbicide with a surfactant in the tank for better results and more effective coverage on early-season crabgrass.

Target Weeds

Dimension 2EW pre-emergent herbicide kills and controls a variety of broadleaf weeds and grasses, from barley and foxtail to bittercress and chickweed. Use it on home lawns and other landscapes to protect the turf from large and smooth crabgrass, goosegrass and dallisgrass. Spray it throughout the landscape to stop henbit, pigweed and spurge from emerging. Dimension controls some of the most common weeds in residential, commercial and recreational areas, including:

  • Speedwell
  • Purslane
  • Black medic
  • Sandbur
  • Brome

Reasons to Use Dimension for Weed Control

If the weeds are given the chance to emerge, they will bloom and spread seed. Before long, the weeds will begin popping up across the entire lawn and landscape. Using Dimension 2EW in the early season prevents the weeds from emerging and causing worse problems not only later in the season but the following year as well. Some major reasons to use Dimension herbicide for weed control include:

  • Kills and controls broadleaf weeds and grasses
  • Provides season-long control of crabgrass
  • Doesn't stain the surface or cause foul odors
  • Mixes easily in spray tanks
  • Can be applied with other herbicides for greater control

Get Better Weed Control on Lawns With Dimension

Weeds choke out ornamental plants and compete for nutrients in the lawn. It only takes one season for the weeds to spread and cause massive infestations the following year. With Dimension 2EW pre-emergent herbicide, it's easy to control stubborn weeds and to keep them off lawns for good. It can be applied with a single application or a split application to suppress and control annual weeds. It doesn't cause stains to the turf or leave behind unpleasant odors after application.

Manufacturer Corteva
Utility  Herbicide
Active Ingredient Dithiopyr, Other Ingredients
Composition 24%, 76%
Container Size .5 GA JUGS 
Application Amount See label for details.


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Dimension Specialty Herbicide

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Dimension Specialty Herbicide

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