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Pulling weeds by hand isn't an option. Crew is a specialty herbicide made to do all the work, eliminating weeds before they emerge with its dual-action formula. It contains two ingredients to achieve faster, more effective results in less time than similar herbicides. It targets more than 120 different weeds and can be applied in a variety of settings whether it's cool- or warm-season grass.

How Crew Specialty Herbicide Works

Crew contains two active ingredients: isoxaben and dithiopyr. Both ingredients are known for their pre-emergent weed control, preventing broadleaf weeds from emerging. Isoxaben inhibits protein synthesis, causing the weeds to stop growing. Dithiopyr works similarly and is most commonly used to prevent the growth of crabgrass, chickweed and spurge. Together, they make Crew specialty herbicide a very effective product for weed control.

Where to Use Crew Herbicide

Crew can be used in cool- and warm-season turf, landscape ornamentals and noncrop areas. It's a versatile herbicide and can be applied to over 410 different plants to keep weeds from growing in the planted area. Crew comes in a low-dust granular formulation, so there's no staining or dusty residue after application. It can be applied to established lawns and ornamental turfgrass, as well as turf on sports sites, parks, cemeteries and unimproved turfgrass areas. Apply it in residential, commercial and recreational settings to keep weeds from emerging and ruining the landscape.

Target Weeds

Crew specialty herbicide controls hundreds of broadleaf weeds and grasses, from clover and crabgrass to spurge and wood sorrel. It can be applied in low and high use rates to work more effectively, keeping weeds like kochia and knotweed from emerging in the lawn. It's effective against dandelion and chickweed, eclipta and henbit, and oxalis and ragweed. Refer to the label for the many different weeds Crew effectively controls and the application rates needed for the best results.

Crew Features and Benefits

Two active ingredients make Crew a solid choice in the fight against weeds. It's a pre-emergent herbicide that can be used on a variety of sites without negatively affecting the turf, ornamentals, trees and shrubs. It's perfect for residential and commercial lawns, as well as turf sites on sports fields, parks and other recreational areas. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Controls more than 120 weed and grass species
  • Has a low-dust granular formulation to prevent residue
  • Can be applied to cool- and warm-season grasses
  • Requires only a single application in most cases
  • Contains isoxaben and dithiopyr for maximum weed control

Crew Has Dual Weed-Fighting Action

Thanks to its dual-action formulation, Crew specialty herbicide prevents the onset of weeds for months. In fact, it works so well that it should not be used more than twice per year. A single application can prevent 120 different weed species from emerging and spreading across the landscape. It's easy to apply and doesn't stain after use. Whether it's to keep crabgrass off the lawn or clover patches from forming, all it takes is Crew herbicide to create a weed-free landscape.





Active Ingredient

Isoxaben 0.50%

Dithiopyr 0.25%

Container Size


Application Amount

See label for details.





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Donald Perry
Too soon to tell come back in the spring

Haven’t used product yet but the price was fair and arrived on time

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