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Get rid of the toughest broadleaf weeds and grasses with Cheetah Pro. It's a non-selective postemergent herbicide and is perfect for site preparation before planting desirable turfgrass and plants. It contains an active ingredient that wipes out unwanted grasses and weeds quickly and can be used on and around noncrop and commercial sites. Whether it's ragweed or spurge, nothing kills invasive weeds quite like Cheetah Pro.

How Cheetah Pro Works

Cheetah Pro contains glufosinate ammonium. This ingredient provides fast results that are similar to glyphosate products but without working systemically. When sprayed at the application site, the active ingredient only affects the plant at the contact area. It kills the weeds on contact and burns them down quickly, completely removing the vegetation from the site.

Where to Use Cheetah Pro Herbicide

Cheetah Pro herbicide can be applied to noncrop sites for effective weed control. It kills unwanted vegetation and is ideal for habitat restoration. Apply this effective herbicide on mulched areas to keep weeds away, as well as on golf courses to keep them free and clear of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Use Cheetah Pro anywhere weeds are known to resist glyphosate-based herbicides, as well as around ornamental gardens, shrubs and trees. It's a postemergent herbicide, so it won't provide any pre-emergent control. Consider using a pre-emergent herbicide alongside Cheetah Pro for more weed control in the area.

Target Weeds

Cheetah Pro kills more than 190 labeled weeds, making it the ultimate product for weed control. It kills and controls resistant weeds like chickweed, yarrow and groundsel, as well as different thistles and mallow. Use it to burn down ragweed and clover. Cheetah Pro herbicide is effective at killing and controlling poison ivy, woodsorrel, foxtail and dandelion. It targets the most common and difficult-to-control weeds and gets rid of them in about the same time as a glyphosate product.

Cheetah Pro Features and Benefits

It's the active ingredient in Cheetah Pro herbicide that makes it ideal for postemergent control over many different weeds and grasses. It burns down the unwanted weeds quickly and kills the same weeds that are resistant to glyphosate. It's the ultimate herbicide to use for preplanting and habitat restoration. Some other major features and benefits of Cheetah Pro herbicide include:

  • Can be used on golf courses and landscaped sites
  • Kills and controls glyphosate-resistant weeds
  • Targets more than 190 broadleaf weeds
  • Offers flexible application options
  • Perfect for weed control in landscaped and mulched areas

Cheetah Pro Herbicide Kills Weeds Fast

Cheetah Pro herbicide is a superior alternative to glyphosate herbicides. It burns down the weeds quickly and gets rid of everything from pigweed to ragweed, making it useful for weed control around commercial and industrial sites, as well as airports and rights-of-way. It starts to work on contact and can be repeatedly used to control plants that are re-emerging from leftover parts underground. Whether it's dandelions popping up on golf courses or unwanted weeds throughout the landscape, Cheetah Pro herbicide kills the weeds as fast as glyphosate.

Approved use for everywhere except for Alaska.





Active Ingredient

Glufosinate ammonium*



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