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Does less mowing and fewer grass clippings sound good? T-Nex turf growth regulator can make it happen. It's specially formulated for use on home lawns and other turf sites and reduces mowing frequency throughout the season. It also promotes denser, healthier grass while also enhancing the color. It's easy to apply with standard spraying equipment and contains a highly effective ingredient to deliver maximum results.

How T-Nex Works

T-Nex comes in a micro-emulsion liquid concentrate and contains the active ingredient trinexapac-ethyl. It's an inhibitor of gibberellin biosynthesis and prevents the elongation of the turf. Though it slows elongation, it encourages lateral growth. This effect leads to denser-looking turfgrass and improves turf quality and tolerance to stresses. Not only that but it reduces the frequency of mowings and the overall amount of grass clippings.

Where to Use T-Nex

Use T-Nex TGR in residential and commercial turfgrass to cut down on the frequency of mowings throughout the season. It's not only ideal for use on home and commercial lawns and landscapes but also recreational sites like sports fields. It can even be used on golf courses. Apply it in cemeteries and other noncrop sites to keep the grass low and to reduce the costs of labor. It can be applied in difficult-to-mow areas to prevent the grass from growing out of control. Though it can be used on sod farms, refer to the label for any state restrictions.

Target Uses

T-Nex is easily applied with standard spray equipment, such as a backpack sprayer or even a hand sprayer. It can be applied with boom sprayers and traditional spray-gun applicators. It can be used in a variety of turfgrasses and contains a potent ingredient to halt growth and to keep the grass more manageable. It also enhances the color of the grass while improving lateral spread for a thicker, healthier-looking lawn.

T-Nex Features and Benefits

T-Nex comes in a specialized formulation to reduce mowing frequency and to help the grass become healthier over time. It enhances the color to make it look more lush and reduces the amount of clippings left behind after mowing. It works perfectly as a standalone product or in combination with pesticides or liquid fertilizers in a turf management program. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Comes in an odorless formulation
  • Absorbs easily into the foliage
  • Reduces mowing frequency and grass clippings
  • Enhances the color and density of the turf
  • Promotes healthier grass and stronger blades to resist stresses

Improve Turf Health and Growth with T-Nex

When it comes to improving turf quality, health and density, T-Nex delivers on all counts. It's absorbed into the grass blades and enhances the color and durability of the turf. It mixes easily with water and can be applied with or without pesticides and liquid fertilizers. It's ideal for use on everything from home lawns to golf courses and keeps turfgrass sites looking good all season long. Whether it's to reduce mowing frequency or to improve the turf's stress tolerance, T-Nex does it all.





Active Ingredient

Trinexapac-ethyl 12%

Container Size

1 gal

Application Amount

See label for details.





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