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Shrubs and hedges grow quickly, increasing labor costs and time. Atrimmec is a plant growth regulator that cuts labor in half. It reduces stem elongation and prevents the plant from overgrowing. Atrimmec can be used on everything from shrubs to ground covers and will prevent flowering and undesirable fruit on certain trees. It's easy to apply and extremely useful for any lawn care professional.

How Atrimmec PGR Works

Atrimmec contains dikegulac as the active ingredient. It's applied as a foliar spray directly to the plant and works best when applied after cutting. It temporarily stops shoot elongation and instead promotes lateral branching. This causes the hedge, tree or shrub to look fuller despite not growing longer. Atrimmec reduces the need for trimming and pruning and gives the plant a fuller, more uniform shape.

Where to Use Atrimmec PGR

Use Atrimmec plant growth regulator in residential, commercial, recreational and other settings. It can be applied to hedges, shrubs and trees, as well as ground covers. When applied to ground covers, it establishes them more quickly while also keeping them from growing beyond their bounds. It can be applied to shrubs and trees to prevent them from producing unwanted fruit, such as Japanese holly. It cuts time in half and reduces the need for mechanical pinching and pruning as it does this naturally with a single application.

Target Uses

Atrimmec is used to prevent flowering and fruit, as well as to stop plants, hedges, shrubs and trees from overgrowing. It's not only useful for preventing overgrowth, but it's also perfect for making the hedges and shrubs look fuller and more uniform. Atrimmec does this by encouraging lateral branching, which fills the gaps and creates a healthier looking plant. Use it whenever a fuller, denser plant is desirable and to keep ground covers from growing out of their planted area.

Atrimmec PGR Features and Benefits

As a plant growth regulator, Atrimmec is highly useful not only for vibrant plants but also those that have suffered weather or pest damage. It encourages lateral growth, thereby filling in the areas on old wood. Atrimmec not only creates a full plant but also reduces the workload when tending to hedges, shrubs and ornamentals. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Cuts the workload by as much as half
  • Reduces the need for mechanical pinching and pruning
  • Can be used on ground covers, trees, shrubs, hedges and more
  • Encourages lateral growth and creates a fuller appearance
  • Doesn't require an additional adjuvant for foliar application

Reduce Trimming Chores with Atrimmec PGR

There's no need to spend hours trimming and pruning when Atrimmec takes care of it all. It works best when applied to already trimmed branches. It pinches the shoots and temporarily stops elongation. The result is more lateral growth and filling in of the empty areas. It creates a fuller, denser shrub and will keep ground covers in their area. Whether it's to reduce the workload or to make the hedges look full again, Atrimmec can do it all.


PBI Gordon



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1 quart; 1 gallon

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