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Gypsum Micro Pellets are used to correct sodium alkaline soil. It loosens heavy clay soils and doesn't leave behind any residue thanks to its virtually dust-free formula. It's easy to spread on the application site and can be used in heavy clay soils, established and new turf, and also golf course fairways. It contains a balanced nutrient load to feed the turf while improving soil conditions.

How Gypsum Micro Pellets Work

Gypsum Micro Pellets are formulated to loosen clay and compact soils. By doing so, they improve air penetration into the soil and allow water and nutrients to reach the roots. It contains calcium sulfate, calcium and sulfur as the primary nutrients, including nonplant food ingredients such as 2 percent lignosulfonates. The blend corrects sodium alkaline soil, balancing the pH levels and improving plant health.

Where to Use Gypsum Micro Pellets

Gypsum Micro Pellets are recommended for use in turf, lawns and gardens. They come in a virtually dust-free formula, so there's no worry about leaving behind residue after application. They're easy to spread over the turf and can be used in areas where salt levels are high. The pellets will reduce the sodium and improve the soil conditions for optimum turf and plant growth. Use the pellets in new and established turfgrass, as well as recreational turf on golf courses and athletic fields.

Target Uses

Compacted soils aren't conducive to healthy growing plants and turfgrass. The nutrients and water aren't able to penetrate the soil, thus leaving the site barren. Gypsum Micro Pellets loosen heavy clay soils and improve the penetration of water and nutrients. Turfgrass and plants are able to receive the nutrients more easily; therefore, they're able to grow and develop as intended. Because it comes in pellet form, Gypsum is easy to apply with a spreader across the landscape.

Gypsum Micro Pellets Benefits

Gypsum Micro Pellets are for professional use and can be used across most turfgrass sites, including lawns and gardens. It's 100 percent natural and composed of mined minerals. It comes in a 50-pound bag that can cover up to 1,000 square feet with a traditional spreader. The pellets have a water-soluble polymer shell and supply the plants with essential calcium and sulfur. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Loosens clay and compacted soil
  • Neutralizes magnesium and minimizes its negative effects
  • Won't increase soil pH and restores sodium-affected soils
  • Improves air and water penetration into the soil
  • Provides essential nutrients to the turf and plants

Gypsum Micro Pellets Improve Soil Condition

Gypsum Micro Pellets with 14 percent sulfur and 17 percent calcium is a professional turf, lawn and garden fertilizer. Thanks to its blend of nutrients, it acts as a conditioner and loosens hard, compacted soil to improve water and nutrient availability to the plants and turf. Whether it's for the fairways on a golf course, a residential lawn or a home garden, Gypsum Micro Pellets deliver the right nutrients to improve the soil while giving the plants and turf what they need to thrive.



Kelly Limestone 




86.5% Calcium Sulfate Dihydrate, 21%, Calcium 14% Sulfur

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