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Pillar G Intrinsic is a granular fungicide used to control a variety of plant diseases that damage the turf. It contains two active ingredients for multiple modes of action, eliminating the diseases and making it easier to manage the lawn. It's easy to lay down the granules with a broadcast spreader and can be combined with other labeled fungicides for improved disease control.

How Pillar G Intrinsic Works

Pillar G contains the active ingredients pyraclostrobin and triticonazole. These two ingredients combine to treat the turf and to prevent anthracnose and other pathogens from ruining the landscape. The first ingredient inhibits mitochondrial respiration in the target diseases whereas the second ingredient inhibits ergosterol production and cell wall synthesis. Combined, the active ingredients kill the fungus while making the turf stronger and more disease resistant.

Where to Use Pillar G Intrinsic

Use Pillar G Intrinsic granular fungicide on residential and commercial lawns. It can be applied on golf courses and provides effective turf management. It's labeled for use on sod farms and recreational areas like parks. Apply and water the granules on sports fields, cemeteries and other areas where turf management is a priority. The applicator can water the granules in after application or allow the rain to disperse the active ingredients into the soil. Because the granules are made of clay, the ingredients move off them quickly and start protecting the turf immediately.

Target Diseases

Pillar G fungicide targets the most common fungal pathogens that plague lawns, golf courses, sod farms and sports fields. It tackles the worst cases of anthracnose and brown patch, as well as brown ring patch and dollar spot. Use it to control fairy ring, necrotic ring spot and sheath spot. It's effective at controlling rapid blight, take-all patch and yellow tuft, as well as other common diseases like downy mildew, gray snow mold and pythium blight.

Pillar G Features and Benefits

Fungal growth can take over the turf when the conditions are right, such as when droughts occur. Pillar G Intrinsic not only kills the fungal growths but also improves the health of the turfgrass, making it more resistant to stresses like drought, excess moisture and high temperatures. Tests indicate that turfgrass treated with Pillar G shows enlarged root length and mass. Some benefits and features include:

  • Kills and controls the most common fungal pathogens
  • Can be used on commercial and residential turfgrass
  • Perfect for turf management on golf courses and athletic fields
  • Contains two active ingredients for better control and disease prevention
  • Treats up to 30,000 square feet with one 30-pound bag

Pillar G Delivers Better Turf Management

Fungal diseases make the turf look unhealthy, and they will kill it over time. It's important to treat the turf quickly with a fungicide to prevent future damage. Pillar G Intrinsic fungicide kills and controls a wide variety of fungal diseases, from anthracnose and necrotic ring spot to summer patch and powdery mildew. Whether it's fungal growth in a park or in the backyard, Pillar G eliminates the diseases once and for all.





Active Ingredient

Pyraclostrobin 0.38%

Triticonazole 0.43%

Container Size

30 lbs

Application Amount

See label for details.





Customer Reviews

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Shipment arrived damaged

My recent order of Pillar-G arrived in a repaired bag. The hole was taped up, but it is unclear if any product was missing. It is understandable that there is no point in wasting a bag of product for what is likely a small issue. But it would have been nice if the issue had been acknowledged by the company.

Gennady Plotkin
Excellent service!

Very happy!
Highly recommended.

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