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It takes a serious herbicide to knock down a wide range of broadleaf weeds and grasses. Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide contains the right ingredients for the job, taking down unwanted sedges, crabgrass and other weeds. It's easy to use and rain-fast in as little as six hours.

How Q4 Plus Turf Herbicide Works

Q4 Plus herbicide uses four ingredients to get the job done. Quinclorac, sulfentrazone, dicamba and 2,4-D work together to knock out a broad variety of weed and grasses. It's a post-emergent herbicide, so it can be used to kill and control the spread of unwanted weeds across the landscape.

Where to Use Q4 Plus Herbicide

Q4 Plus can be used on many different turf sites, from golf courses to residential lawns. Use it when weeds have started to show on commercial landscaping, parks and in non-crop areas like cemeteries and other landscaped sites. It can be used on sports turf as well as on sod farms to protect against invasive weed growth.

Q4 Plus Features and Benefits

With four total ingredients, Q4 Plus in an herbicide meant for serious weed control. It's a selective herbicide and best used to kill weeds on cool-season turf. Some main benefits include:

  • Controls yellow nutsedge, crabgrass, foxtail and more
  • Meant for post-emergent broadleaf weed and grass control
  • Shows visual injury soon after use
  • Perfect for cool-season turf

Get Rid of Weeds Fast with Q4 Plus

Q4 Plus is a specialty water-based turf herbicide that's rain-fast in six hours and safe to use on bluegrass, ryegrass and zoysia, including other labeled turfgrasses. It works quickly to get rid of weeds and has a four-weed reseeding interval after application.

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