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Healthy turf should hold up well to diseases, drought and other environmental conditions. Southern Overseeding Blend is a durable grass seed mixture that results in denser, more resistant turf. It has an excellent genetic trait package that produces early green-up in spring and also establishes quickly after seeding.

What's in Southern Overseeding Blend?

Southern Overseeding Blend contains the latest varieties of perennial ryegrass seeds chosen for their true genetic diversity. It's a 100 percent perennial ryegrass blend and also chosen for its outstanding performance across multiple agronomic, environmental and management conditions. The seeds are treated with Gravity SL PGS, a very effective plant growth stimulant used to help with germination and establishment.

Where to Use Southern Overseeding Blend

Southern Overseeding Blend can be used across most lawns and landscapes, as well as athletic fields and recreational sites. Because of its specialized ryegrass blend and additional treatment with a Gravity SL PGS, the grass grows quickly and shows hardy tolerance in high-traffic areas, so it's ideal for golf courses and similar turf sites. Use this blend in areas when it's important to have an early green-up in spring. It's very resistant against turf diseases like red thread and leaf spot and continues to perform well even in extreme heat and drought conditions. It shows high performance across a variety of tests based on the National Turfgrass Evaluation Program (NTEP).

Southern Overseeding Outperforms the Competition

Southern Overseeding Blend outperforms the competition in head-to-head independent testing.

"Analyzing NTEP data using the Patented Turf Tech Pro Tool, WinPro outperforms other entries in the NTEP trials. Comparing performance on key attributes listed, WinPro outperforms comparable perennial ryegrass by 11.7 TPI points. Higher % TPI represents better consistent overall performance."

This 100 percent perennial ryegrass blend was selected for true genetic diversity based on the Turf Tech Pro attribute analysis.

Southern Overseeding Blend Features and Benefits

Gravity SL PGS makes a world of difference in WinPro grass seeds. It helps them to germinate and establish more quickly than other seed blends on the market. This blend contains 100 percent of the latest generation of Southern overseeding perennial ryegrasses. Some of the major features and benefits of Southern Overseeding Blend from Heritage PPG include:

  • Strong resistance against stem rust and other diseases
  • Produces an early green-up in spring
  • Performs well in various agronomic and environmental conditions
  • Tolerates extreme heat and drought
  • Stands up well in high-traffic areas
  • Recovers quickly from various stresses

Perennial Ryegrass Southern Overseeding Blend

There is no better Southern perennial ryegrass blend on the market than WinPro's Southern Overseeding Blend. It's a high-performing blend of genetically diverse ryegrass that grows greener, denser and more resistant to drought and diseases than other blends from the competition. It's treated with Gravity SL PGS, so the ryegrass will germinate and establish more quickly. It resists heavy traffic and performs well in a variety of poor conditions. For Southern perennial ryegrass that shows up green in spring and resists environmental stresses, use Southern Overseeding Blend across the landscape.

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