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Copper is a beneficial element for turf and plant growth. Most soils naturally contain some form of copper, but there are times when it's not abundant enough for the plants. Gravity® L Pro-Cu is a copper fertilizer used to boost plant growth and health and also to ward off fungal diseases.

How Gravity L Pro-Cu Works

Gravity Pro-Cu contains 5.1 percent copper derived from copper sulfate. It's designed for use as a foliar spray on all plants that could benefit from the addition of copper. In its dissolved form, it penetrates the plants more easily and improves growth and resistance to diseases like anthracnose and powdery mildew.

Where to Use Gravity L

Use Gravity L on all turf sites, including but not limited to golf courses, residential lawns, sports turf, sod farms and parks. It may also be used on ornamentals in landscapes, greenhouses, plant nurseries and also transplanted crops. It can also be applied to crops such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs and hops.

Gravity L Features and Benefits

Gravity L Pro-Cu can be used most anywhere, from parks and athletic fields to home lawns and greenhouses. It benefits the plants and turf in many ways and is perfect for situations when the soil lacks enough copper for healthy plant growth and development. Other benefits include:

  • For use on turf, ornamentals and crops
  • Can be used with pesticides, fertilizers and plant protectants
  • Perfect for turf and ornamental professionals

Boost Plant Health with Gravity L Pro-Cu

Add Gravity L Pro-Cu to the plants when they lack enough copper for optimal health. Copper is beneficial to turf and plants, helping them to grow strong and to fight against fungal diseases during times of stress.



Heritage PPG


Liquid Fertilizer


5.1 CU

Container Size

2.5 Gallon Jug

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See label for details.





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