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Fertilizers feed the turf important nutrients for healthy growth and development. With 19-0-6 featuring Dimension herbicide, the lawn grows thicker and greener while also keeping away crabgrass and other annual broadleaf weeds and grasses. It's perfect for use on cool-season grasses and may be applied in spring and fall.

How 19-0-6 with Dimension Works

This product contains 19 percent nitrogen and 6 percent soluble potash, two vital nutrients needed for plant health and growth. As a fertilizer, it helps established turfgrass maintain a thicker appearance. Because it also contains 0.1 percent Dimension herbicide, it will help to control annual weeds and grasses from taking over the lawn.

Where to Use Dimension Fertilizer

Use Dimension plus fertilizer on cool-season grasses like creeping and Kentucky bentgrasses, Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues, and perennial ryegrass. It can be used on seeded, sodded or sprigged lawns and ornamental turfs that are already well-established. It's an ideal turf product to use on golf courses to maintain the overall appearance. Avoid using this product on stressed turf, such as those affected by weather, pests and chemicals, as it may cause further injury.

The Main Features and Benefits

19-0-6 with Dimension herbicide provides pre-emergent control of crabgrass and other annual broadleaf grasses and weeds. It helps to prevent the growth of barnyardgrass, crowfootgrass, goosegrass, kikuyu and more. Some common benefits include:

  • Useful against henbit, bittercress and chickweed
  • Offers effective pre-emergent weed control
  • Can be used on home lawns and golf courses

Keep Crabgrass Away with 19-0-6

19-0-6 is an important turf fertilizer, giving the grass what it needs to grow thicker, healthier and more resistant to stress. It also contains Dimension herbicide, helping to keep away unwanted weeds and grasses for a more pristine landscape.


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19-0-6  with Dimension Herbicide

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