22-0-5 1FE with Trimec


Size: 50 lb Bag
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When a fertilizer also contains an herbicide, it's going to deliver more results for way less money. 22-0-5 fertilizer with iron and Trimec is the perfect combination of fertilizer and herbicide. It not only supplements the soil with vital nutrients for the turf, but it also keeps unwanted weeds out of the lawn.

How 22-0-5 with Trimec Works

22-0-5 contains 1 percent iron and Trimec herbicide for a powerful combination of weed and feed fertilizer. It's specially formulated to give the turf a boost of nutrients for healthier and denser growth and development. The additional Trimec herbicide ensures the turf remains free and clear of invasive broadleaf weeds.

Where to Use Weed and Feed

Trimec is a well-known lawn weed killer used to kill hundreds of broadleaf weeds in most turfgrass. Because it has a combination of ingredients like 2,4-D and dicamba, it can be used to knock out post-emergent weeds in a variety of places, from home lawns and commercial landscapes to parks and sports turf.

Product Features and Benefits

A fertilizer by itself is a great addition to any lawn care program. It feeds the lawn what it needs to grow. Because this has Trimec as well, it prevents weeds from competing with the turf for those nutrients while also keeping the lawn healthy and more visually appealing. Other benefits include:

  • Boosts turf health and growth
  • Perfect for post-emergent weed control
  • Targets more than 200 broadleaf weeds

22-0-5 Feeds the Turf, Kills the Weeds

Whether it's to kill weeds at home or to feed the sports turf, this all-in-one fertilizer and herbicide does the job of two products. It's easy to use, contains added iron for turf health, and knocks out invasive weeds with a single application.

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