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Defendor post-emergent herbicide provides the most flexibility possible to control stubborn weeds on residential and commercial turfgrass. It can be applied with pre-emergent herbicides and fertilizers at the start of the season. The active ingredient prevents weeds from blooming, preventing the spread of dandelions and more across the landscape. It's easy to apply and can be used on golf courses to keep them free and clear of unsightly weed growth.

How Defendor Herbicide Works

Defendor Herbicide contains the active ingredient florasulam. Once applied, it's absorbed into every part of the weed. It starts to work on contact, inhibiting enzyme production and cell division, resulting in weed death. It only takes about two to four weeks for affected weeds to die. When Defendor is applied early in the spring, it can stop dandelions from growing on home lawns, businesses turfgrass, golf courses and other areas.

Where to Use Defendor Specialty Herbicide

Defendor can be used in a variety of areas where weeds threaten the look and health of turfgrass. It's labeled for use on residential and commercial turfgrass and effective at stopping weeds on sports fields and recreational areas. It even protects sod farms from dealing with unwanted weed growth. Use it around office buildings and industrial sites to kill clover and other invasive weeds. It can be combined as a tank-mix partner with liquid fertilizers for improved weed control on the target sites.

Target Weeds

Defendor Herbicide controls numerous postemergent weeds on home lawns and other turfgrass sites. It kills the most hard-to-control and resistant weeds such as dandelions and clover and removes smartweed and others from business parks, athletic fields and more. Use it to take control of chickweed, knotweed and common groundsel. Some other target weeds include:

  • Cat's ear
  • Black medic
  • Wild mustard
  • Dollarweed
  • Shepherd's purse

Defendor Features and Benefits

Weeds emerging from the soil is just the first problem. Once they bloom and spread seed, they become an even bigger problem for homeowners and lawn care professionals to control. It takes a potent herbicide to knock down the weeds and kill them before they have a chance to bloom. Defendor Herbicide contains the right amount of active ingredients to kill the most common weeds and to keep them from spreading across the lawn. Other major benefits include:

  • Targets the most common weeds in residential and commercial turfgrass
  • Kills the weeds within two to four weeks of application
  • Can be used with a surfactant for greater effectiveness
  • Perfect as a tank-mix partner with fertilizers
  • Controls weeds on golf courses and sod farms

Defendor Controls Annual and Perennial Weeds

Defendor Herbicide tackles the toughest annual and perennial weeds on home lawns and around office buildings, as well as prevents weed growth on sod farms and recreational sites. It kills dandelions, groundsel, clover and more. Not only is it effective when used alone, but it can be mixed in the tank and applied with fertilizers and pre-emergent herbicides for even greater control of invasive weeds throughout the landscape.

Manufacturer Corteva
Utility  Herbicide
Active Ingredient Florasulam, Other Ingredients
Composition 4.84%, 95.16%
Container Size Quart
Case Amount 4x1 Quart
Application Amount See label for details.


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