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Turfgrass is supposed to be green throughout the landscape, not darker or lighter colored here and there. With Mystic® Verdant, it's easy to make the entire turf look green and vibrant throughout the season. It's a green-colored pigment for use on golf courses and other turf sites. It mimics the look of actively growing grass and dries quickly on the application area.

How Mystic Verdant Works

Mystic Verdant from WinField contains a high-concentrated, green-colored pigment. It's made to look like actively growing grass and spreads easily to provide more uniform leaf coverage on the application site. In fact, it provides 1.5 times more surface coverage than the competitor's. It's specially formulated to dry much faster than other pigments, minimizing transfer to nontarget areas. Mystic Verdant also reduces turf stress thanks to its UV reflective properties.

Where to Use Mystic Verdant

Use Mystic Verdant to keep golf courses looking healthy, green and vibrant all season long. It improves color uniformity throughout the course and is perfect for spring green-up. Apply it to the turfgrass evenly to cover up dry, patchy areas. It can be used on many different turfgrass sites, especially in the spring when the grass has yet to recover from the effects of winter. Consider using it with a fungicide to treat the turf while also making it look green and beautiful.

Target Uses

Mystic Verdant is very effective at mimicking the look of actively growing turfgrass. But it can also be used in different ways, such as in marking spray applications. It's not always easy to tell where a spray application was last used in the area. Mixing Mystic Verdant in the solution can make it easy to identify the applications to prevent overspraying an area. The unique color combination is easy to see and provides absolute coverage on the target site.

Benefits of Mystic Verdant

When turfgrass doesn't look as green as it should, Mystic Verdant can transform it overnight. The fall and winter months take a toll on the grass, making it appear pale and dull. Mystic Verdant contains a highly concentrated green pigment that looks like the actual color of real grass. It can be used on golf courses that need a splash of color, and it's perfect for spring green-ups after a long, harsh winter. Some features and benefits include:

  • Mimics the look of vibrant grass
  • Can be used as an aid to mark spray applications
  • Improves color uniformity across the turf
  • Dries quickly to minimize transfer
  • Can be paired with fungicide applications

Get Uniform Color with Mystic Verdant

Mystic Verdant isn't like other green pigments; it's better. It contains a high-concentrate pigment with a vibrant green color that mimics the look of actively growing turfgrass. It has improved spreading for more uniform leaf coverage. It dries quickly and is perfect for spring green-up. It also reduces plant stress through UV reflection. Whether it's used alone or paired with a fungicide application. Mystic Verdant is an excellent product for creating healthy-looking turfgrass all season long.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Pigment
Ingredient Highly concentrated green colored pigment
Container Size 1 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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