Mystic Lake Black Dye


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Turn pale or dirty pond water into a healthy black color with Mystic® Lake Black from Heritage PPG. It can be used at lower and higher rates depending on the desired color. The end result is a more healthy looking and visually appealing black lake or pond.

How Mystic Lake Black Works

Mystic Lake Black is made with a highly concentrated blend of colorants in an easy-to-use liquid formula. It's perfect for use in non-moving bodies of water and should not be used in water bodies that are designed for human consumption.

Where to Use Mystic Lake

Use Mystic Lake Black colorant in ornamental lakes and ponds, especially those on golf courses. It turns the dull water into a vibrant and healthy black. It can be applied to water hazards, fountains and similar bodies of water but should never be applied to streams, rivers or other flowing water.

Target Uses

Mystic Lake Black is designed to color dull, dirty or off-color water. Regular use of this product will not cause harm to fish, fowl or other wildlife when applied as directed. Use it in golf course water hazards, ponds and fountains to make them more visually appealing.

Mystic Lake Features and Benefits

Water hazards and ponds don't have to look dirty and lifeless. Mystic Lake Black makes them look more appealing than ever. Some of the main features and benefits include:

  • Perfect for golf course ponds and fountains
  • Makes dirty lakes look black and healthy
  • Won't harm fish or waterfowl with normal use

Enhance Water Hazards with Mystic Black

Regular use of Mystic Lake Black will keep the water looking black and healthy. It can be used on golf courses and other sites where lakes, ponds and fountains could use some improvement.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Lake Dye
Ingredient Highly concentrated black colored paint
Container Size 1 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.

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