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Mystic® Hue is a green turf colorant for grass of all types. It improves the visual color of the turf, transforming dull and lifeless grass into a vibrant green, healthier looking lawn. It's perfect for the dormant season when the turf could use a little boost in color.

How Mystic Hue Works

Mystic Hue is a colorant that enhances the visual color of both dormant and non-dormant turf. It has a unique color combination that mimics the look of actively growing grass. Though it can be combined with other products, it's important to conduct a jar test if the applicator doesn't have experience using this product or other pigments and colorants in the Mystic line.

Where to Use Mystic Hue

Use Mystic Hue on turfgrass sites to improve the overall appearance. It can be used on golf course turf, as well as commercial and residential turfgrass. It's also labeled for use on sports turf, parks and sod farms, as well as many other turf sites not mentioned on the label.

Mystic Features and Benefits

Not all turf colorants mimic the look of actively growing grass. Mystic Hue has a specialized color combination that makes dormant grass look as though it's still green, healthy and growing. Some of the main features and benefits of using Hue for the turf include:

  • Improves visual color of the turf
  • For residential and commercial lawns
  • Perfect for golf course turf
  • Mimics live, growing turfgrass

Get the Look of Healthy Turf with Mystic Hue

Whether it's dormant or non-dormant grass, Mystic Hue will liven up the color and make the turf look healthy and green. It helps golf courses look green even in the off-season and keeps residential lawns full of color and life throughout the year.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Pigment
Ingredient Highly concentrated green colored paint
Container Size 2.5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.


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Customer Reviews

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Wesley Landscaping
Mystic Hue Review

Absolutely love this product! Bought one then bought a few more. I’m a landscaper and many people liked what they saw so I will definitely be needing more!

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