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It's not always easy to see where liquid pesticides or fertilizers have been applied. Mystic HC changes that. It comes in a blue color and is useful for marking spray applications. It's temporary in color, so there's no worry about it causing permanent stains in the target area. It's easy to apply to the tank and doesn't negatively affect pesticide efficacy.

How Mystic HC Works

Mystic HC doesn't contain any active ingredients that could interfere with tank mixes. It's simply a temporary blue colorant that makes it easy to see the spray placement and to ensure uniform application of fertilizers and pesticides. It doesn't stain the surfaces, and any staining on the hands and clothes can easily be cleaned with soap and water.

Where to Use Mystic HC

Use Mystic HC Spray Pattern Indicator anytime it's necessary to achieve precise applications. It can be combined in the tank easily and mixed with plant protection products, fertilizers and more. It can be applied to most turf sites but should not be used on edible food crops, feed crops or grain after harvest.

Mystic Features and Benefits

Mystic HC is made for professionals who want to achieve precise applications. This reduces the amount of applications and the waste of products. Some of the main benefits of using Mystic HC blue colorant include:

  • Non-staining formulation for easy cleanup
  • Doesn't interfere with pesticide efficacy
  • Makes it easy to see applications of pesticides and fertilizers

Improve Spray Applications with Mystic HC

There's no reason to guess whether a product was applied thoroughly and uniformly. Mystic HC provides a temporary blue color to the mix, making it easy to see exactly where the product was applied. It won't stain and helps to reduce the costs and time applying products to the turf.



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