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No one can afford to make mistakes or use the wrong treatments when eliminating a pest infestation. The Precision Delivery System Starter Kit contains everything needed to get rid of pests faster, easier and more accurately than before. It comes with bait, applicators and a bait gun designed to dispense the solution into cracks and crevices where the insects live and breed.

What's a Precision Delivery System Starter Kit?

The Precision Delivery System Starter Kit contains:

  • Doxem bait solution
  • Four applicators
  • A holster
  • The actual delivery system

The Doxem Precise bait solution is nonstaining and provides residual control. It's easy to apply with the Precision Delivery System bait gun, directing the dry flowable bait into cracks, crevices, wall voids and other areas to kill the pests. The active ingredient is indoxacarb, which has a slow-killing mode of action to kill generations of pests through ingestion and contact with the poison.

Where to Use the Starter Kit

The Precision Delivery System Starter Kit can be used anywhere pests have been spotted or could be lurking, such as in the gaps behind baseboards or beneath the kitchen sink. It's labeled for use indoors to kill and control pest infestations in apartments, houses and other residential interiors. Use it to kill ants, roaches and other pests in hotels, nursing homes, restaurants and schools, as well as in warehouses and other industrial areas. It can also be used in food-processing plants and supermarkets when applied as directed.

Target Pests

The active ingredient in the Precision Delivery System tackles the worst infestations and pests of all types, from odorous house ants to silverfish. It's highly effective against pantry pests like flour beetles and grain weevils, including German cockroaches and similar roach species. Use it to combat carpet beetles and drugstore beetles, as well as to kill and control crickets, earwigs and booklice. Refer to the label for the complete list of target pests.

Benefits of the Precision Starter Kit

One of the major benefits of the Precision Delivery System Starter Kit is that it saves pest management professionals time and money. It comes with a convenient holster and applicators for easy and precise application in the most hard-to-reach areas. The main features and benefits include:

  • Kills the most invasive pest insects
  • Comes with two plastic and two steel applicators
  • Includes a holster for easy storage
  • Delivers precise amounts of the formula into the target site
  • Provides a long residual for more efficient pest control

Get Precision Pest Control with This Starter Kit

With the Precision Delivery System Starter Kit, there's no need to buy multiple products such as baits, bait guns, etc. This is a complete starter kit with all the necessary products to start killing and controlling pest infestations in homes, businesses and other areas. It's easy to use and includes a holster and two types of applicator straws to provide pest management professionals more flexible application options. Whether it's to target roaches or ants, this starter kit is the ultimate product for the job.

Manufacturer Control Solutions
Active Ingredient Indoxacarb, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.6%, 99.4
Container Size Starter Kit
Application Amount See label for details.
Label View
SDS View


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