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Fast, single locking mechanism provides quick servicing combined with a station that is strong enough to provide a high level of tamper-resistance. Contains 4 vertical bait positions (that accommodate 8-1oz. Blox) with locking rods that won´t fall out during cleaning and a removable tray with rounded corners for quick station servicing.
Multiple Anchoring Options: The EXPRESS™ provides a secure station with a professional appearance. It comes pre-installed with a concrete block that is completely enclosed with no bolts or screws that can break or crack. The station also has a hole in the base for use with duckbill anchors and holes in the back to be secured to a fence line.
Tamper-Resistant for Kids & Dogs: The station can only be accessed once it has been opened with the key. The ramped entries & baffles keep bait and traps out of reach of children and non-target wildlife for peace of mind.
Versatile: Baiting or trapping, the EXPRESS™ offers multiple options to fit the needs of your customer. It can either hold 2 T-Rex rat traps, 2 Mini-Rex mouse traps, up to 8 bait blocks or a combo of these options to best meet your needs.

Other Features:

-Made from 100% recycled, heavy duty injection-molded plastic
-Key location guide; symmetrical key self-orients into the lock
-Ramped entry allows bait to stay dry in water-prone areas
-Bell barcode sticker is pre-installed & ready to use with your tracking software
-Rear mounting holes allow station to be secured to a fence
-Opening on bottom for use with duck bill anchor or used as a drain hole to clear excess water
-Interlocking area to securely stack stations
-Internal service label holder and external service label securing option

Manufacturer Bell Labs
Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Traps
Container Size 1 trap
Application Amount See label for details.



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