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Contrac Super Size Blox are larger than traditional Blox rodenticide, helping to target massive infestations in the target area. They're perfect for places like sewers and warehouses where the rodent population has gotten out of control. They contain the same active ingredient as other Contrac baits and will kill the rodents within four to five days of ingestion. The bait is highly attractive to rodents of all types, making it perfect for targeting mice, rats, voles and more.

How Contrac Super Size Blox Works

Every Contrac Super Size Blox contains a lethal dose of bromadiolone. This chemical is an anticoagulant that prevents the blood from clotting, thus resulting in the rodent bleeding to death and dying. Though it's very toxic to rodents, it's less harmful to nontarget animals and people. It can be treated with vitamin K1 to counteract the poison. One Super Size Blox can kill as many as eight rats in a single feeding.

Where to Use Contrac Super Blox

Super Size Blox are labeled for use in areas of heavy infestations, such as sewers and other moist areas. They can also be used in garages, attics, basements and other places to target the pests where they hide or travel. The bait is very palatable and will lure the rats and mice out of their sheltered areas. Use it in residential and commercial sites with tamper-resistant rat bait stations.

Target Pests

All Contrac rodenticides are made to kill rats and mice no matter the species. It even kills warfarin-resistant Norway rats thanks to the active ingredient. It targets small rodents such as house mice and meadow voles, as well as larger roof rats on residential and commercial properties. The bait will kill up to eight rats in a single night's feeding. Be sure to keep a fresh supply for the rodents, changing out the bait within 60 days.

Benefits of Contrac Super Size Blox

Because Super Size Blox are larger than normal, they're able to kill eight times as many rats in a single feeding. They fit perfectly in any large rat bait station and contain an ingredient that works quickly to eliminate an infestation in just a few weeks. Each Blox has a protective coating to keep it effective even in the rain. Other benefits include:

  • Contains a lethal dose of bromadiolone
  • Kills house mice, roof rats and other rodents
  • Has a food-grade attractant to lure the pests
  • Perfect for use in bait stations
  • Controls heavy rodent infestations

Take Care of Rodent Problems With Super Size Blox

Using Contrac Super Size Blox provides effective rodent control for pest control professionals and also homeowners who are overrun with rats and mice. The food-grade attractant is irresistible to the rodents, making them want to continue feeding on the bait. These baits are ideal for rodent infestations in basements and sewers, as well as industrial areas such as warehouses and shipping facilities. It only takes a single night's feeding to kill dozens of rats and mice within a few weeks.


Primary Pest Rodent
Utility  Bait
Active Ingredient Bromadiolone, Other Ingredients
Composition 0.005% , 99.995%
Container Size 40X8 OZ
Case Amount 40X8 OZ cases
Application Amount See label for details.



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