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Not all insecticides get rid of bed bugs since many of these pests are often resistant to pyrethroid-based chemicals. Bedlam Plus insecticide aerosol is made differently to target these resistant pests and to kill them on contact. It not only kills them within minutes of application but also provides residual bed bug control, preventing a future infestation in homes and other interior spaces.

How Bedlam Plus Aerosol Works

Bedlam Plus has two modes of action to kill bed bugs on contact, as well as to control future infestations for up to two weeks after application. It contains imidacloprid, a nonpyrethroid-based chemical to target resistant bed bugs. It acts on their nervous system and causes paralysis and death. It also contains sumithrin, a pyrethroid to kill nonresistant bed bugs in the same way. An added synergist enhances both ingredients for maximum bed bug control.

Where to Use Bedlam Plus Insecticide

Bedlam Plus aerosol insecticide is made for use indoors to kill bed bugs and other labeled pests. It can be used in homes and businesses to treat the bed bugs and their eggs. Use it in hospitals, schools and hotels to treat bedding, carpets and furniture. It can also be used in pet kennels to kill fleas on pet bedding and floor coverings. Do not use Bedlam directly on the animals. Other places for use include nursing homes, warehouses and restaurants.

Target Pests

Bedlam Plus is an effective insecticide aerosol that not only targets bed bugs and the eggs; it also kills fleas and ticks quickly and provides residual pest control. Some people suffer from dust mite allergies and show signs of sneezing and runny noses. Bedlam knocks down dust mites and prevents an infestation for up to 14 days with one application. This fast-acting insecticide also kills and controls carpet beetles and clothes moths. Bedlam Plus is not intended for outdoor use.

Benefits of Bedlam Plus Insecticide Spray

Thanks to its dual mode of action, Bedlam Plus is one of the most important insecticides to use when treating bed bugs. Some bed bugs resist pyrethroid-based insecticides, but Bedlam Plus contains two chemical ingredients to kill them all. This aerosol spray is easy to use and apply to the target area to kill everything from bed bugs to carpet beetles. Other benefits include:

  • Doesn't stain surfaces
  • Can be applied to mattresses and carpets
  • Useful as a spot and crack-and-crevice treatment
  • Contains a synergist for effective bed bug control
  • Perfect for indoor DIY bed bug and flea control

Bedlam Plus Has a Dual Mode of Action

Bedlam Plus takes what works in Bedlam insecticide and adds another ingredient for maximum results. This aerosol is easy to use and can be applied to most surfaces indoors without worrying about stains. It can be sprayed in cracks and crevices, under appliances and along baseboards to target the labeled pests where they hide or feed. Whether it's for treating fleas in a kennel or bed bugs at home, nothing provides faster, more long-lasting control than Bedlam Plus.

Manufacturer MGK®
Primary Pest Bedbugs
Utility  Aerosol
Active Ingredient 3-Phenoxybenzyl-(1RS, 3RS, 1RS, 3SR)-2,2-dimehtyl-3-(2-methylprop-1-enyl) cyclopropanecarboxylate, N-Octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide, Imidacloprid, Other Ingredients
Composition .40%,1.00%,.05%,98.55%
Container Size 17oz can
Case Amount 12x17oz cans
Application Amount See label for details.



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Michael W.
Bed bud spray

It is good enough to keep bugs away for a Lil while

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