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Herbicides don't always work as effectively as they should. Adding Turbulence® in the spray tank can increase their effectiveness on the target weeds. It's an essential part of a weed control program as it improves the active ingredients effect on the target weeds. Turbulence provides uniform distribution of the herbicide, helping it to kill the weeds without the need for repeat applications.

How Turbulence Adjuvant Works

Turbulence is an adjuvant containing a unique blend of refined and modified vegetable oil, as well as a superior nonionic surfactant. Together, the adjuvant aids quick spreading of the herbicide on the target weeds, providing uniform distribution on the foliage. It assists with absorption on the leaf and stem surfaces and enhances herbicide performance on perennial weeds and woody brush.

Where to Use Turbulence Adjuvant

Mix Turbulence in the tank with any postemergent herbicide that recommends the addition of an adjuvant or surfactant. These include herbicides labeled for use on home lawns, commercial landscapes, ornamental plantscapes, sod farms and noncrop sites like roadsides and fence rows. When applied to the spray tank, it improves the wetting characteristics of the spray solution, resulting in a more consistent spray deposit on the weeds. Use Turbulence with postemergent herbicides only. To reduce drift at the application site, consider adding Droplex adjuvant to the spray tank. It will also optimize spray coverage and deposition.

Target Uses

Postemergent herbicides may not be as effective as they could be due to external factors. Maybe it's been an extremely dry and hot summer and the area is experiencing a drought. There are many reasons why herbicides may fail to deliver expected results. Using Turbulence in the spray tank can help the postemergent herbicides to kill the weeds more successfully. It increases the coverage on the plants and helps with absorption, making it easier for the herbicide to penetrate the leaves and stems and kill the weed.

Benefits of Turbulence Adjuvant

The specially formulated oils and organosilicone-surfactant system make Turbulence adjuvant an effective addition to any spray tank mixture. It works well with most postemergent herbicides that are improved by a surfactant. It can be mixed easily in the tank and provides instant results when used as directed. Some major benefits and features of Turbulence include:

  • Contains a modified vegetable oil and surfactant blend
  • Helps the postemergent herbicide spread quickly
  • Promotes more uniform distribution on the weed surface
  • Enhances herbicide performance potential
  • Improves absorption on leaves and stems
  • Helps when targeting perennial weeds and woody brush

Turbulence: Consistent Herbicide Performance

Improve the performance potential of postemergent herbicides with Turbulence. It contains a unique formula for improving the spread of the herbicide, as well as the absorption of spray on the leaves and stems. When applied with postemergent herbicides for perennial weeds and brush, it provides faster and more effective results. It can be used whenever it's recommended to use a surfactant with a postemergent. Whether it's to combat perennial weeds on lawns or noncrop sites, help the herbicide work even better with Turbulence.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient Methylated vegetable oil, polyether modified polyisiloxane, alkyphenol ethyoxylte, Other Ingredients
Container Size 1 Quart or 2.5 Gallon Jug
Application Amount See label for details.

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