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A lot can go wrong when applying a pesticide on the intended target. It can run off, drift or fail to penetrate the canopy. These things can lead to the pesticide being far less effective than it should be. Droplex® is a drift control and canopy penetrating agent, aiding deposition of the pesticide on the target site. With Droplex, there's far less drift and evaporation of the pesticides whether they're applied by ground or air.

How Droplex Works

Droplex contains modified vegetable oil and sorbitan fatty acid ester as the primary formulation. It's made to help deposit the pesticide onto the target site more efficiently, reducing the chance of runoff and drift. It should be combined in the tank with the appropriate pesticide or plant nutrient to help it distribute evenly throughout the plant canopy. See the label for exact instructions for use.

Where to Use Droplex

When combining Droplex with pesticides, it should not be added at a rate that exceeds 1 percent of the finished spray volume. It's intended for use as a deposition aid with insecticides and fungicides and can be used for aquatic applications, including surface water. Droplex is made for use in agricultural, forestry, industrial and municipal settings. It can also be used on noncropland sites, rights-of-way and turf. Refer to the label for other use cases and sites.

Target Uses

Droplex is designed to aid in the overall deposition of spray onto the target plants. When used according to the label, it provides optimal distribution of spray throughout the entire plant canopy and significantly reduces drift of the spray off target. Some of the pesticide will evaporate when it's applied to the plants. With Droplex, there's less evaporation of the product even if it's applied by air. As an adjuvant, it can be combined with other adjuvants in the tank. However, it should not be mixed with other adjuvants in an induction system or if they are undiluted.

Droplex Features and Benefits

Pesticides don't work as effectively as they should if they evaporate, drift, run off or can't penetrate the canopy. To achieve greater results, an adjuvant should always be combined in the tank. Droplex is a superior adjuvant as it not only aids in the penetration of the canopy but also manages drift and aids in deposition. Some major features and benefits include:

  • Can be combined with most pesticides
  • Perfect as a deposition aid with insecticides
  • For use in agricultural, aquatic, forestry and other settings
  • Reduces drift and evaporation of the product

Droplex is An Effective Drift Control Agent

There's no need to worry anymore about drift and evaporation when applying pesticides. Droplex eliminates the worry, providing total coverage and penetration of the product throughout the canopy. It has a special formulation to aid in the deposition of spray onto the plant and greatly reduces evaporation of pesticides being applied by ground or air. It helps the pesticides penetrate dense canopies, providing greater and more thorough coverage than when applying the pesticide without an adjuvant like Droplex.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Primary Pest General Puprose
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient Modified vegetable oil, polyoxyethylene sorbitan fatty acid ester, vegetable oil
Composition 100%
Container Size 1 gallon, Quart
Case Amount 4x1 gallon
Application Amount See label for details.


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