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WindSurf™ Pro is a spray adjuvant used to enhance the effectiveness of pesticides. It's a nonionic surfactant that increases spray coverage on leaf surfaces and improves the uptake of the products. It can be combined with many different products to boost their overall performance.

How WindSurf Pro Works

It's formulated for use with all pesticides, fertilizers, plant protectants and other products. It's a general-purpose, low-foam, nonionic surfactant used to maximize a product's effectiveness. It increases the spray solution's coverage and penetration while also providing more uniform droplet distribution and spray retention on the leaf surfaces.

Where to Use WindSurf Pro

Use it anywhere a pesticide or other labeled product is used. It can be applied with insecticides to increase their performance for targeting leaf-damaging insects. Use it to improve spray coverage and penetration of herbicides when killing and controlling weeds on lawns, golf courses and other turfgrass sites.

WindSurf Pro Features and Benefits

WindSurf Pro is labeled for use on turfgrass sites of all types, including residential and commercial lawns, sports fields, sod farms and parks. It can also be used on ornamentals, noncrop sites and for vegetation management. Some features and benefits include:

  • Can be used with aquatic herbicides where registered
  • Compatible with all pesticides and fertilizers
  • Improves spray retention and droplet distribution

Improve Pesticide Performance with WindSurf Pro

Adding Windsurf Pro to the tank mix will improve all pesticide and liquid fertilizer applications. It's designed for use with all pesticides and improves penetration into the leaf surface. It can be added to the spray mix before or after adding the main product depending on whether or not buffering is desired. It's a low-foam surfactant and won't cause overfoaming when used as directed.


Heritage PPG Pro



Active Ingredient

Nonylphenol polyethylene glycol ether, free fatty acids, organic phosphatic acids, dimethylpolysiloxane, Other Ingredients


90%, 10%

Container Size

2.5 gallon jug, 

Application Amount

See label for details.






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