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Pesticides leave behind residues in hoses. Pigments stain the spray equipment. PostFlight™  remedies both problems in one. It's a tank cleaner and a pigment remover for professional applicators. It works for cleaning the sprayers in general, but it's highly useful for golf course superintendents who need to clean pigments and dyes off the equipment.

How PostFlight Works

PostFlight contains a proprietary blend of alcohols and solvents to keep spray equipment clean. It's not only useful for cleaning the exterior of the tanks and equipment but also the inside parts such as the hoses and pumps. It can be used on materials of all types, from metal to plastic, and gets rid of unsightly stains from indicator dyes and turf paints.

Where to Use PostFlight

PostFlight is made for applicators who want to keep their spray equipment clean on the inside and outside. Because it has dual functionality, it will replace all other tank cleaner products. Use it after every application to clean the spray tanks. It's particularly useful for the golf market to keep dyes and paints from staining the equipment.

PostFlight Features and Benefits

PostFlight is an excellent product for cleaning the tank, hoses and pumps on equipment to ensure residues from previous applications are neutralized. Because it also removes pigments and stains, it's perfect for use on golf courses to prevent unsightly equipment caused by dyes. Other benefits include:

  • Replaces other tank-cleaning products
  • For use as a residue neutralizer
  • Has dual functionality for multipurpose use

Keep the Spray Equipment Clean with PostFlight

There's no reason to have unsightly equipment when PostFlight cleans it in no time. It's a tank cleaner and a pigment remover all in one convenient and easy-to-use product for professional applicators and golf course superintendents.


Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Utility  Tank Cleaner
Active Ingredient
Container Size 1 Gallon or 1 Quart
Application Amount See label for details.


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