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Gulfstream® Free provides the same surfactant benefits as regular Gulfstream but doesn't contain nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPE). It's formulated for use with insecticides, herbicides, fungicides and plant nutrients. It's also a spreader, sticker and buffer and provides numerous benefits when tank-mixed with other products.

How Gulfstream Free Works

Gulfstream Free is an advanced spreader/sticker that doesn't cause overfoaming in the tank. It contains sodium salts of soy fatty acids among other ingredients to help increase contact activity, to reduce surface tension and to aid in absorption. It also reduces the smell of pesticides and the UV breakdown of most products.

Where to Use Gulfstream Free

Gulfstream Free is labeled for use in turfgrass, ornamentals, vegetation management sites and pest control areas. It can be combined with herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to reduce surface tension, making the droplets spread more evenly over the target area. This process leads to better uptake into the plants when using herbicides and foliar products.

Gulfstream Free Features and Benefits

Gulfstream Free offers many benefits to pro applicators. It optimizes the pH levels in the spray solution and reduces pesticide smells and UV breakdown. Some other benefits include:

  • Can be used with numerous products
  • Mixes well in the tank with little foaming
  • For use on turf, ornamentals, trees and noncrop sites

See Better Performance with Gulfstream Free

When herbicides and other products could use a surfactant, use Gulfstream Free in the tank. It improves the overall effectiveness of the spray solution while reducing the surface tension of the spray droplets. It reduces pesticide odors, lowers the pH levels in the spray solution and provides more thorough leaf coverage and uptake.


Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient Alcohol alkoxylate, Methylated seed oil, and Sodium salts of fatty acids, Constituents Ineffective as a Spray Adjuvant
Composition 99.25%, .75%
Container Size 2.5 gallon
Case Amount 2x2.5 gallons
Application Amount See label for details.
Label View


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