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Gulfstream Free is a cutting-edge spreader, sticker, and buffering agent adjuvant that's free of nonyl phenols (NPEs). Designed to enhance the efficacy of pesticides, fertilizers, and other plant protectants, it increases contact activity, reduces spray droplet surface tension, and promotes superior adhesion.

How Gulfstream Free Works

Gulfstream Free utilizes proprietary technology to deliver more uniform spray coverage, resulting in more thorough wetting of leaf surfaces and improved absorption by leaves. Additionally, it reduces the smell of certain pesticides and minimizes UV breakdown of most pesticides. Gulfstream Free also contains buffering agents that lower the pH of the spray solution.

Where to Use Gulfstream Free

Ideal for use with a variety of plant protectants, Gulfstream Free is a versatile adjuvant suitable for applications in agriculture, horticulture, and vegetation management. By increasing the effectiveness of pesticides and fertilizers, it ensures better results across different plant species and environments.

Gulfstream Free Features and Benefits

Gulfstream Free offers numerous advantages to professional applicators, including:

  • NPE-free formulation for environmentally conscious use
  • Enhanced contact activity and reduced spray droplet surface tension
  • Improved spray adhesion and more thorough leaf coverage
  • Proprietary technology that reduces pesticide odor and UV breakdown
  • Buffering agents that lower the pH of the spray solution
  • Compatibility with a wide range of plant protectants

Experience Superior Performance with Gulfstream Free

When using pesticides, fertilizers, or other plant protectants, turn to Gulfstream Free for a more effective solution. This advanced adjuvant enhances overall performance by ensuring more thorough leaf coverage and uptake while reducing pesticide odors and optimizing pH levels in the spray solution.

Manufacturer Heritage PPG
Primary Pest General Purpose
Utility  Adjuvant
Active Ingredient
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Gulfstream Free

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