Upgrade Water Features with Mystic Lake Dyes

Nothing ruins the look of a golf course or an ornamental landscape quite like a murky, dull lake or pond. Mystic Lake Dyes are specially made to transform off-colored water into a healthy blue or black color. They can be used for everything from ornamental ponds to water hazards and even water bodies meant for swimming and fishing.

Why Does My Lake Look Murky?

Most lakes look blue or black depending on their depth and clarity. Some are naturally clear while others may appear brownish or greenish in color depending on a few different factors. Murky lakes tend to have more plant tannins or sediment scattered throughout the water. Green or reddish lakes have more algae, which can lead to worse problems depending on the species.

Are Lake Dyes Safe?

Mystic Lake Dyes and water-soluble packs are safe to use at the recommended rates. They're highly concentrated and will transform a dull lake or pond back into its naturally healthy color. When used as directed, lake dyes do not harm waterfowl or fish. They can be used in ponds meant for swimming and other recreation during and following an application.

Our lake dyes can also be used as spray pattern indicators. Mixing the dye with water-based pesticides and fertilizers will help the applicator know exactly where and how much product was used, which saves time and costs.

Mystic Lake Black Dye and WSP

Mystic Lake Black Dye contains a 100 percent blend of colorants to create a highly reflective lake or pond. It only takes 4 to 16 fluid ounces per 1-acre foot to see great results. Because it's highly concentrated, it can be applied at low use rates, saving more product for later applications. It doesn't harm fish, waterfowl or animals when used as directed.

The WSP Black Dyes contain the same concentration as the liquid dyes but in a more convenient form factor. The packs can be applied to hard-to-reach areas or added to the tank when using water-based pesticides to reduce missed or overapplied areas.

Mystic Lake Blue Dye and WSP

Mystic Lake Blue Dyes and WSP dye packs are used exactly like the black dyes, but they turn the water blue instead of a reflective black color. While all of these dyes can be used for water hazards, ornamental ponds, lakes and swimming holes, they should not be used in moving water such as streams and rivers. They may also be used in water bodies or in spray tanks with water-based liquid fertilizers and pesticides as spray pattern indicators.

Mystic Dyes Change the Game

There's no reason to have murky, green or dirty ponds on the golf course or other landscape. Mystic Lake Dyes and water-soluble packs change the water for the better, giving it a healthy appearance without negatively affecting fish or the surrounding wildlife.

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Jessica Dingess

Jessica Dingess

I love ordering my pest control chemicals from here. They are about the cheapest I have found so far. And considering it’s free shipping it really makes it awesome… I won’t go any were else from here on out

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