Unleashing the Power of Gravity Nutrients for Plant Growth

Plant health and vitality are top concerns for any horticulturist, whether you’re a professional or just a home gardening enthusiast. If you're in search of superior plant nutrients, look no further than Gravity L and Gravity S. They are tailored to give your plants a potent blend of essential nutrients.

This blog comes from an in-depth presentation by Bruce Jump on our YouTube channel. If you want to check out the entire video 'This Is Turfgrass Ep. 3 - Gravity Nutrients: Cultivating Success', you'll learn even more from Bruce himself.

The Magic of Gravity L

Gravity L is a unique liquid foliar nutrient line developed using a proprietary blend technology. This advanced formula ensures the nutrients swiftly penetrate the leaf surface and travel to the internal structures of the plant. One standout product in the series is the Gravity L PGS, which combines plant growth stimulant technology with vital nutrients, allowing plants to overcome stress and thrive.

Another noteworthy member of the Gravity L family is Gravity L Amp. This high phosphorus product, when paired with Gravity L PGS, can have a dramatic impact on plant health and growth. As Bruce Jump's presentation illustrates, these two products together form a "one-two punch" that supports overall plant growth and development.

The Power of Gravity S

Gravity S, on the other hand, is a line of soluble crystallized nutrient particles that are easily dissolved in water. These products are popular amongst customers for their consistency, ease of use, and their ability to stay in solution without clogging spray tips. Gravity S products also contain carboxylic acid and kelp (seaweed extract), which aid in nutrient absorption and root development.

Among the Gravity S products, MicroSurge is specifically formulated for foliar absorption in turfgrass, providing rapid foliar absorption. Another, MicroGuard, targets the soil, enriching it with chelated micronutrients to protect plants from extreme pH levels. These options allow for targeted nutrient application, catering to specific plant needs.

Organic Options and Specialty Fertilizers

Gravity Nutrients also offer two fully organic products: 8-2-4 and 12-0-1. These formulations are based on fermented amino acid technology and are designed to cater to those seeking organic nutrient solutions. For specialized needs, they also have a high phosphorus soluble line and ornamental grower solubles, among others.

Choose Gravity Nutrients for Your Plants

When it comes to plant nutrition, Gravity nutrients stand out. They combine advanced technologies with superior ingredients to ensure your plants get the best possible nutrition. So, the next time you hear someone say, "Most turf and ornamental fertilizers are basically the same, so just buy the cheapest one," remember Bruce Jump discussing the incredible benefits of Gravity L and Gravity S.

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