Strike 3 and Mystic SPI: A Powerful Combo for Pro Applicators

Heritage PPG features a variety of products made to assist lawn care professionals, golf course managers, ornamental growers and DIY homeowners. Some of the products we carry are beneficial on their own, but sometimes they can be enhanced with other products on our site.

Two such products are Strike 3 and Mystic SPI.

Together, it's possible to strike down weeds and know exactly where you've sprayed, eliminating the weeds while also eliminating the overuse of product that can lead to excessive costs and the risk of damage to surrounding plants and turfgrasses.

What is Strike 3?

Strike 3 is one of the most effective weed killers in our inventory. It has not one, not two, but three different ingredients to fight hard-to-control broadleaf weeds: dicamba, mecoprop-p and 2,4-D. It is sprayed on the weeds using standard equipment and can be used anywhere from roadsides and rights-of-way to home lawns, sod farms and golf courses.

It knocks down tough weeds like dandelions, clover, poison ivy and ragweed, killing invasive weeds beginning at the moment of application. Strike 3 is a selective herbicide, so even if it is hard on weeds, it poses minimal risk to turfgrasses and ornamentals.

What is Mystic SPI?

Mystic SPI is one of our own creations. SPI is an acronym for Spray Pattern Indicator. The Mystic SPI line comes in two colors: blue and green. It doesn't contain any herbicides or plant nutrients or anything like that. Instead, it's a vivid colorant used in spray tanks with other products, such as Strike 3 or one of our many herbicides, fertilizers and insecticides.

Although it's a dye, it doesn't stain the surfaces when applied. It's a temporary colorant and helps with precise applications when spraying herbicides or other products. If it gets on the equipment or on sidewalks, it's easy to wash off. It mixes thoroughly in the spray tank and helps you apply a more uniform coverage on the application site.

How Do They Work Together?

Most applicators don't realize how much product they're overusing. If you want to save money and time and get more effective results from your applications, adding Mystic SPI to the tank can help.

Strike 3 will do all the work. It penetrates the plant tissue, stops cellular processes and kills the weeds. Mystic SPI lets you know where you've sprayed the herbicide. Without Mystic, you may overspray or under-spray certain areas. The temporary colorant lets you see where the product was and wasn't applied. You'll be able to cover the area more evenly, saving you from using too much or too little product in the area. It may also save you money on purchasing more products in the long run.

Strike 3 and Mystic SPI: The Perfect Team

Product overspray is one of the leading causes of plant and turf death after an application. Using Strike 3 and Mystic SPI together can prevent that from happening. Because Strike 3 is selective and less harmful to grasses and ornamentals, it reduces the likelihood of killing nontarget plants. Adding Mystic SPI to the mix means you'll be able to see the application and prevent overspray.

These two products combined is a win-win for applicators everywhere. We hope you add Strike 3 herbicide and Mystic SPI to your turf and ornamental applications and see what a fantastic difference it will make.

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