September Academy Series: Bird Control

Jeff Watts recently presented on a range of topics related to commercial bird management as part of the HPPG Mass Tangent speaker series.

Understanding Bird Behavior

Jeff explained bird behavior to help inform control strategies. Pigeons, for example, prefer building edges so they can escape quickly. Knowing where birds want to nest and roost guides product selection. Birds are also very adaptive—Jeff deals with them everywhere, from Alaska warehouses to Vegas metal roofs.

Health Risks of Birds

Birds and their droppings carry over 60 diseases, creating numerous health risks. For example, bird droppings can cause lung issues in technicians. Proper PPE is essential when working around birds. Acidic droppings also damage property like concrete and metal.

Choosing the Right Bird Control Products

There are many products for bird control, so choosing correctly is key. For roosting birds on ledges, options like bird spikes, electric tracks, and slopes work well. For nesting birds in sheltered areas, exclusion products like netting and mesh keep them out. Jeff outlines how to select products based on pressure and type of birds, installation factors, aesthetics, and maintenance.

Integrated Approaches for Maximum Impact

Rarely will a single product solve a bird problem. An integrated approach combining multiple techniques like ledge deterrents, exclusion, and elimination is often needed. Identifying why birds are attracted to a site helps develop a comprehensive solution.

Profit Opportunities in Bird Control

Most commercial bird jobs cost $5K–10K, providing profitable revenue potential. Focus on existing accounts first, where birds are likely an issue. Multi-family residential, agricultural sites, and large corporations also offer opportunities. Crows can be especially challenging to control due to their intelligence and protected status.

To watch Jeff's full presentation on bird control, check out the video on YouTube. And also go to our HPPG YouTube channel for even more great pest control videos.

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