Gravity L 38 Fertilizer

Fertilizers come in granular and liquid formulations, each one providing vital plant nutrients in a specified amount. They're made to boost plant health when the soil lacks enough nutrients to promote growth and development.

Gravity L 38 Special is a unique product in the Gravity line from Heritage PPG. It not only contains nitrogen and potash for plant health, but it also has Take Off Technology to achieve accelerated uptake of the nutrients into the turf and plants. The plants get what they need right away, and you see more positive visual results in less time.

Why Turf and Plants Need Fertilizer

The soil doesn't always contain the right amount of nutrients to support the turfgrass. These nutrient deficiencies lead to bare spots, yellowing and an otherwise unhealthy looking lawn. Fertilizers contain essential micro- and macronutrients to support turf growth and development. Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are the primary three ingredients you will find in fertilizers, some of which have a certain ratio which may or may not contain one or two depending on the need.

What is Gravity L 38 Special?

Gravity L 38 Special is one type of liquid fertilizer made with a high percentage of soluble potash, or potassium. It has 2 percent nitrogen to fill in the nitrogen deficiency gaps while providing 15 percent potash for the turf.

Potash is vital to plants and improves their overall health. It's needed for root strength and will also boost the turf's resistance to certain fungal diseases. For crops, potash improves the yield rates and also the color and taste of the fruits and vegetables.

38 Special also contains Take Off Technology. Whereas most nitrogen-based fertilizers provide the nutrient as-is, this fertilizer uses the technology to increase the uptake of nutrients into the turf. It increases carbon metabolism, which will result in much quicker root growth as well as growth above ground, helping the turf to gain access to even more nutrients and sunlight for faster overall growth and health.

Benefits of Gravy L 38 Special

Whether it's to correct nutrient deficiencies in the soil or to see faster growth and yield rates, Gravity L 38 Special is the key to it all. It benefits turf and ornamentals in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Mixes easily thanks to a combination of amino acids and chelators
  • Perfect for tank mixes with other plant nutrients
  • Guards the turf against diseases and other stressors

Do More for Your Turf with 38 Special

Gravity L 38 Special improves turf and ornamentals by improving nutrient uptake, protecting against diseases, increasing root strength and so much more. It contains both nitrogen and potash, as well as Take Off Technology to get those nutrients to the plants as quickly as possible. When used as directed, 38 Special will improve the turf and keep it strong all season long.

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