Jazz Up Ornamental Ponds

Lake water doesn't have to look brown and dull. It can look as blue or deep black as you'd like...you'd just have to know which products to use.

Mystic Lake Dyes are made to transform pale, dirty lake water into a healthy blue or black color. They work for ornamental lakes, ponds, fountains and other contained water bodies, including those used for swimming.

Why is Lake Water Dark and Murky?

Not all lakes, ponds and other bodies of water are clear and blue. Some are naturally dirty and murky or look like tea. But why is that? It could be for many reasons, one being that the water is getting its color from the surrounding plants and land.

Plants have tannins, and these tannins will oftentimes leach into the underground layer of rock or sediment that contains water, also known as an aquifer. The tannins then color the water a tea-bag reddish-brown and cause the entire body of water to look dull and dirty.

Why Use Lake Dyes?

Ornamental ponds and water hazards, such as those on golf courses, should look just as pristine as the golf course turf itself. A water body that looks dull and murky ruins the visual appearance of the course. Using Mystic Lake Dye will transform the water quickly and bring it on par with the overall aesthetic of the course, pun intended.

An added benefit of using Mystic Lake Dye is that it can be applied to water used for recreational sports and swimming. It has a specialized formulation of colorants that can be used at low rates, giving you the option to make the color lighter or darker depending on your specific needs.

It also doesn't harm fish, waterfowl or animals when used as directed, so what you get is a healthy-looking pond without the risk of harming the aquatic life or the surrounding wildlife.

How to Use Mystic Lake Dyes

It's extremely easy to use Mystic Lake Dyes no matter if you choose Mystic Lake Blue or Mystic Lake Black.

For each acre foot of water to be treated, use 4 to 16 fluid ounces of dye. Remember, one acre foot equals a volume covering one acre, or 43,560 square feet, 1 foot deep or approximately 208 feet by 208 feet by 1 foot.

Use lower rates for lighter colored water and higher rates for a darker color. Once you've determined the exact use rate for your needs, pour the dye into the water. You may want to space out the product evenly in the area to ensure faster, more even coverage.

Always remember to use gloves when handling Mystic Lake Dyes to prevent your hands from getting stained. Also, never apply it to flowing water such as rivers and streams.

Mystic Lake Dye Makes Water Look Its Best

Whether it's Mystic Lake Blue or Black, you can achieve more visually pleasing water in your ornamental ponds, lakes, water hazards, fountains and more. The treated water can still be used for swimming, and it won't harm the fish or waterfowl, making it an effective and safe dye for water bodies when used as directed.

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