Flower bush with AMP + PGS

Supplementing nutrients to plants as they first develop is an important step in sustaining healthy turf and ornamentals over time. Since many soils lack sufficient nutrient density, growers will combine fertilizers and plant growth stimulators with their growing practices. Adding these two things together will result in much denser growth, stronger roots, larger yields and better overall plant health.

Fertilizers and Growth Stimulators

Fertilizers come with different nutrient ratios to fulfill the needs of the turf and ornamentals. A high-load potash fertilizer, for example, will increase the potassium in the soil and make up for a current nutrient deficiency. Fertilizers will contain either nitrogen, phosphate or potash, or a combination of all three at varying ratios. It's up to the grower to identify the deficiency and add the correct fertilizer to supplement the nutrient.

Plant growth stimulators, or PGS, are products containing different plant hormones to boost growth, development and health. Depending on the hormones, the application can stimulate anything from leaf elongation to root formation. Like fertilizers, they can be applied to different turfgrasses and ornamentals.

Gravity L AMP

Gravity L AMP is a Heritage PPG fertilizer in liquid form. As a plant food supplement, it contains the three main nutrients to promote healthy turf and plants: nitrogen, phosphate and potash. It has a higher percentage of phosphate to stimulate root growth during the early stages of development. What makes AMP even more special is the addition of seaweed extract in the formulation, which promotes a strong resistance to stressors and helps the turf and plants thrive from the start.

Gravity SL PGS

Gravity SL PGS is our tried-and-true plant growth stimulator. By itself, it can be applied to the existing turf and ornamentals, or it may also be applied directly to turf seed for a boost in growth. It contains three different plant hormones to promote leaf expansion, leaf elongation and root strength and formation. It's formulated for maximum plant growth and can be used most anytime to boost turf growth, such as during the spring or in the fall. It can even be added to golf course turf before a tournament for a faster green-up.

Why Use Growth Stimulators?

While it's not necessary to use a plant growth stimulator, it's ideal for ensuring a healthier start for the plants. They boost the overall growth from the beginning and may provide added hormones that the plants could be lacking due to different environmental stresses. Some reasons to use a fertilizer or a PGS include:

  • Fulfilling nutrient deficiencies
  • Building a resistance to diseases
  • Stimulating thicker, greener turf and ornamentals

Better Plant Health with Heritage PPG

Using Gravity L AMP and SL PGS together or separate can do wonders for the turfgrass and ornamentals. If the soil lacks the right nutrient, supplement it with Gravity AMP. If the turf could use a growth boost or a quick green-up, Gravity PGS can help. Whether it's for a home lawn or a golf course, these two products will ensure healthier growth and development when used as directed.

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