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You can't always count on rainfall and irrigation to deliver sufficient water to your turf and ornamentals. Sometimes they need a little help even when there's no drought or other negative circumstances impacting growth.

Wetting agents change the game when it comes to watering your turf sites. When applied alone or in a tank mix, they provide numerous benefits for home lawns, golf courses, commercial landscapes and more.

The Benefits of Wetting Agents

One of the main benefits of wetting agents is their capability to reduce the tension between the spray application and the surface on which it's applied. This process allows the water or spray application to spread out more evenly across the area and penetrate the surface. It helps the spray to stick to the foliage and not run off like it normally would if it were just a standard water application. Some of the main benefits of using wetting agents include:

  • Distributes water and fertilizer evenly
  • Prevents oversaturation
  • Maintains ample water and air in the soil

Wetting agents can be used as-is to help increase water availability or mixed in the tank with pesticides or liquid fertilizers to improve uptake into the turf and plants.

We have a variety of wetting agents available that are tried and tested to deliver exceptional results when used as-is or with pesticides in the tank. Let's discuss a few of these and why having them on hand would be the right choice for your professional lawn care program.


Aquicare is one of our proprietary wetting agents used by many professionals who want to maintain healthy grass on golf courses, sports fields and recreational sites. It comes in liquid and pellet form, which dissolves within 20 minutes of application and helps to control localized dry spots.


Aquiflo Plus is another one of Heritage PPG's proprietary wetting agents. It enhances overall coverage and absorption of water, pesticides and liquid nutrients into the turf and ornamentals. It's ideal for relieving hydrophobic soils, which is a term for soil that repels or doesn't mix well with water.


Aquisync also belongs to the Heritage PPG brand of wetting agents and has a specialized formulation to help water flow into the soil more easily. It makes the water more readily available to the turf and plants, minimizing soil repellency and allowing for a more consistent playing surface.

Improve Your Turf Health with Wetting Agents

Whether you're dealing with localized dry spots in the turf or wanting to reduce the watering requirements in the ornamental beds, using a wetting agent could help right away and in the long run.

Don't hesitate to chat with our reps to find out which wetting agent would best suit your needs. Whether it's Aquicare, Aquiflo Plus or Aquisync, you're bound to see your turf and ornamentals become healthier within a few applications.

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