How to Get Rid of Fleas at Home

Getting rid of fleas in the home is not such an easy feat at times. That's because fleas get down deep into carpet fibers and other hard-to-reach places. Though the adults are problematic, the eggs are even worse as they can lay dormant until the conditions are just right for hatching. Just when you think you've gotten rid of the fleas, the eggs will hatch and create another infestation.

The Problem with Fleas

Besides the fact that the female flea can lay as many as 20 eggs at once and dozens in her lifetime, she needs a blood meal to make it happen. That's good and bad since the lack of a blood meal means no egg laying. While fleas feed mainly on animal blood, they won't hesitate to take a bite out of humans in the area.

If fleas have infested the interior, they can be everywhere from the carpets to the furniture in every room, especially if there is a flea-ridden dog or cat indoors. Once inside, it doesn't take long for the fleas to multiply and spread throughout the house.

Flea Prevention Tips

Keeping fleas out of the home is best done by treating the pets with flea control products. Whether it's a flea collar, an over-the-counter medication or a combination of both, it's important to practice good flea prevention for the pets. After all, if they spend any time outdoors, they will be the first ones to bring the fleas into the home.

Let's go over a few different prevention tips to keep fleas from coming inside the home and creating a massive and unwanted infestation:

  • Only let your pets out for a limited time. The longer they stay outdoors, the more fleas they will attract.
  • Bathe and groom your pets regularly to prevent flea buildup in their fur.
  • Sweep and vacuum your rugs and carpets on a regular basis. Empty the vacuum bag or canister in an outdoor trash bin when done.
  • Clean the pet bedding, as well as your bedding, each week. Fleas not only dwell in the carpets but also bedding.

Flea Control Products

When the conditions are right, it will take about 12 days or so for flea eggs to hatch. So when you're considering flea control products, you'll want to take the eggs into consideration. Getting rid of the adults is one thing, but if the products don't affect the eggs, you'll have another infestation on your hands in a couple weeks.

Here are just a few flea control products that can help you tackle infestations:

  • Alpine Flea and Bed Bug Aerosol is for indoor use only. It's a pressurized insecticide made to tackle both fleas and bed bugs. Not only does it kill the adults, but it also contains an insect growth regulator, which works on the younger fleas and the eggs.
  • Onslaught FastCap is a liquid insecticide for both indoor and outdoor use, giving you an effective method for killing fleas before and after they come inside. It contains two active ingredients and a synergist, which enhances the insecticide and makes it stronger and more effective when used properly.
  • Talstar Xtra Verge is a granular pesticide for outdoor use, targeting fleas in the yard. Using this product will help to eliminate the fleas that could latch onto your pets when they go outside. It also controls ticks, which are another problem altogether.

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While it's not always possible to keep fleas out of your home, it's possible to eliminate them quickly when you take preventive action and use the right flea control products. Checking your pets routinely, changing the pet bedding regularly, and taking preventive action will help to keep your home free and clear of invasive fleas.

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