Holiday Gift Ideas from Heritage PPG

We get it. The holiday seasons can be stressful and trying to find the "perfect" gift for loved ones can make it worse. Never fear, here are 10 pest control products perfect for a practical, hassle-free, slightly comical gift to keep loved ones pest free in the new year.  


A Gift for the Avid Traveler:

Jet setting friends and family have the best stories during the holidays but beware – they may pick up bedbugs as hitchhikers while heading from one resort to the next.


The perfect gift? Bedlam Plus from MGK or Crossfire from MGK


A monthly spray of Bedlam Plus on luggage will keep your trekking friends safe from pest-y hitchhikers. Even better? It’s under $20.


A Gift for the Drafty Home:

Parents or friends have a charming, yet drafty, old house? You may notice sunlight peeking underneath the door or cracks in caulking around windows. Old houses are great but small openings make it easy for pests to become unwelcomed guests.


The gift to keep the creatures from stirring? RodentStop.


It might not seem like the most glamorous gift but sealing cracks, joints, crevices and holes in homes can help reduce heating costs and keep out unwanted pests. RodentStop is hassle free, works like a charm and one of the most useful gifts under $20.


A Gift for Airbnb Superstars:

Peer to peer rentals are great, but traveler traffic can increase the risk for pest invasion.


Give the most unexpected gift this year - SenSci Blackout Monitors or Activ Lures and Volcanoes are great for friends and family with Airbnb rentals.


These pest detective devices help identify home breaches. Place the monitors in inconspicuous areas under the bed to quickly detect bedbugs and use the Activ Lures and Volcanoes to attract bed bugs to their demise. They might seem eccentric as gifts, but it will help give your loved ones peace of mind.


A Gift for the Ultimate Griller:

True grill masters will grill no matter the season, but warmer seasons include annoying bugs. Flies, mosquitoes and moths are never invited but always crash the cookout.


Save the grill master with the AuraILT, a stylish insect zapper masquerading as a piece of art. The AuraILT has a green hue light to attract flying insects like a siren at sea and ensnares bugs on a discreet glue board. It’s the grill master’s must-have gift this holiday season.


A Gift for Dog Lovers:

A dog is a man’s best friend, but with pups come allergies and the occasional accident.


The most useful gift for a devoted pet owner and/or allergy sufferer? Kleencover® Encasements.


Kleencovers keep pillows and mattresses safe from liquid, stains, mites, bedbugs and bacteria. They make great gifts for family and friends with indoor pets or allergies to dander and dust mites.


A Gift for the Groovy Gardener:

Gardeners love gardening gloves but they love having a pest-free garden even more.


Think out of the flower box and give the gift of Antixx Plus, an OMRI-approved product safe for organic gardens and commonly used for foraging ants, earwigs, slugs, crickets, and snails.


It’s a thoughtful gift your loved ones will appreciate in the months to come.


A Gift for the Natural-Landscape Homeowner:

Homeowners with lots of trees and high, native grasses will appreciate a gift to ward off dangerous ticks while hiking through their nature-scape.


Instead of a walking stick or new welly boots, give the gift of Thermacell Tick Control Tubes.


These small camouflage-wrapped tubes contain permethrin-treated cotton and are designed to kill ticks hitching a ride on the furry woodland creatures of the nature-scape. These are great to pair with the Gift for the Dog Lovers.


A Gift for the Minivan Owner:

Everyone knows someone with a minivan. They are completely practical for the busy family and the ultimate vehicle for loading everyone and anything. However, minivans and kids can sometimes lead to lingering smells from spilled drinks, lost soccer socks and missing chicken nuggets.


The perfect remedy and gift? Earth Care Odor Remover Bags.


Earth Care Odor Remover Bags act as an odor magnet to remove odors within 24 hours and last up to four months.  Busy parents will appreciate the thoughtful gift – but, perhaps include a nice card to avoid the awkwardness of telling someone their minivan smells bad.


A Gift for the Gamer: 

Gamers are individuals dedicated to their gaming craft. When they are in the zone, it can be easy to forget about pizza boxes, candy wrappers and spilled sugary drinks. Unfortunately, cockroaches and ants will be the first on the scene to dispose of forgotten sugary remains.


Embrace the gamer’s dedication and help them ward off pests with a lidded trashcan for their gaming room and Advion® Cockroach Bait Arenas.


Advion® Arenas are designed to lure cockroaches to their demise and great for all areas of the house. Plus, you receive 60 in a bag. It really is the perfect gift to support your dearest gamer friend.


A Gift for the New Homeowner:

Ants are one of those insects that can show up in your home regardless of your cleaning skills. For new homeowners, this can be scary and irritating.


Help your friends and family gain control of their ant battle with Advion® Ant Bait Arenas or Maxforce® FC Ant Bait Stations.


New (and experienced!) homeowners will be singing your praises months after the holidays with the gift of being ant free.


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Disclaimer: Heritage PPG is in no way responsible for any family feuds, conversations, implications or awkward moments spawning from the above holiday gift giving suggestions. As always, please read the label and use these products responsibly, keeping away from pets and children. 

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