Civitas Turf Defense for Greener, Healthier Golf Courses

We're always working hard to maximize results for golf course professionals who want to keep the turf healthy and green without overcomplicating things with product after product.

Civitas Turf Defense is the answer to greener and healthier fairways, greens, tee boxes and roughs.

Civitas Sustainability Trials have proven its effectiveness as cooperators saw improved plant health and disease resistance during the testing. It also provides these results with reduced water applications. In fact, we had six cooperators across the country reduce their water usage during the trials, and they still maintained quality equal to normal water usage:

Cooperator Water Reduction
Valencia, CA 20%
Las Vegas, NV 15-20%
Tucson, AZ 30%
Fort Collins, CO 40%
Orlando, FL 40%
Fort Worth, TX 30%

One of the cooperators in AZ gave his thoughts about the trial, saying:

"At 80% of water being used during the summer compared to the rest of the fairways being at 100%, it looks just as good and doesn’t need more water! The rough is not being sprayed, and it is very noticeable the color difference between the rough and fairway. As of two weeks ago, there was a bunker band that we were not spraying right next to the spray, and the difference was shocking."

Staying with the trials, we also saw impressive results at another resort in AZ. The goal was to show what effects Civitas would have on water usage and transition from ryegrass to bermudagrass.

We started the trial on June 12 and continued applications every two weeks. We delayed the beginning treatment until the ryegrass was starting to show signs of stress.

The results?

  • Civitas treated turf had the best overall quality.
  • The quality was close to treatment at 100% ET water, though Civitas was slightly more uniform.
  • The color was best with Civitas treatments.

Non-Civitas treated turf with 80% water had significantly lower quality turf in both density and color.

Civitas also activates the defense mechanism in the turf, using the plant's natural resistance to ward off pathogens like dollar spot.It primes the plant defense (JA) pathway within hours of post treatment. It promotes fewer senescing leaves, which results in healthier turfgrass.

It also suppresses seedhead formation and causes the turf to use nitrogen more efficiently. Civitas allows the turf to hold in more moisture; therefore, it reduces the watering requirements even during droughts.

We have an extensive PDF on the Civitas trials with all the percentages and costs, tests and results, and even more information to show how effective it is for golf course turf management. Take a look for yourself, and see how Civitas could help to reduce watering requirements, improve disease resistance and promote greener, healthier turf across your course.

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