Aquicare G: A Better Granular Wetting Agent

Maintaining proper water levels in the soil is vital for the overall quality of the turf. Aquicare G is a granular wetting agent that helps to reduce watering requirements and to maintain optimal water levels for lawns and golf course turf. It applies easily with a rotary push spreader on hard-to-reach areas and helps to alleviate the symptoms of localized dry spots.

What Makes Aquicare G So Great?

Aquicare G provides all the benefits of the original Aquicare but in an OMRI-listed granular carrier. This biodegradable carrier is made from 100 percent post-consumer waste material and is not regulated under California Prop. 65. Aquicare G is an environmentally friendly product, allowing you to reduce watering inputs using a biodegradable carrier. It is also packaged in a recycled plastic bag. This wetting agent is used to reduce the surface tension of the application site and improve watering levels in stressed areas.

Improve Turfgrass Health

Aquicare G is perfect for use on golf courses and sports turf to prevent localized dry spots and to improve the overall health of the grass. It may also be used on commercial turfgrass sites, as well as recreational lawns, to reduce watering requirements and to optimize precipitation and irrigation levels in the soil.

Aquicare G has many benefits, including:

  • High load of Aquicare per ton of finished product
  • Combination of vertical and horizontal movement of water in the soil profile, helping to alleviate LDS symptoms and to allow for less hand-watering on greens
  • Can be applied by a rotary push spreader on hard to reach areas
  • Ideal for stressed areas that may need a higher load of wetting agent than others in between spray applications

Reduce Watering Needs with Aquicare G

Aquicare G not only works by itself but can also be applied with pesticides, plant nutrients and other products in the tank. It's a necessary product for golf course superintendents who want to optimize the playing surface and to create a level firmness even in wet conditions. It uses a biodegradable carrier, so it's perfect for eco-friendly turf management programs.

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