A Great Duo: Gravity L Amp & Gravity SL PGS

We could all use a little help when it comes to producing lush, healthy and beautiful plants and landscapes. It's not always about the right amount of watering or mowing or even fertilizing. It's really about the nutrients you provide for the lawn when you want it to look its best and become more resistant to diseases and stress.

This is the point where plant growth stimulators come into play.

What are Plant Growth Stimulators

A plant growth stimulator, or stimulant, is a product intended to promote early growth, stronger roots, and healthier overall plant systems. Called a PGS for short, it's applied as a liquid nutrient product containing growth hormones such as auxins and gibberellins. These hormones are responsible for producing longer stems and denser leaves. PGS products are most often used by turf and ornamental growers and can be applied before shipment to reduce the risk of damage and stress during travel.

Deep Dive into Gravity Amp

Gravity L Amp is a concentrated liquid plant food but not necessarily a PGS. Think of it as a focused, nutritious, phosphate product for your plants. It's like other fertilizers in which it contains nitrogen, phosphate and potash. However, it contains a high dose of phosphate compared to the other ingredients. In fact, it has only 8 percent nitrogen and 2 percent potash compared to 27 percent phosphate.

Phosphate is very beneficial for turf and ornamentals. It encourages root growth and improves the overall uptake of nutrients into the plant. Phosphate-deficient soils are damaging to plants. Gravity L Amp is a phosphate supplement, so it's very helpful when adding it to a well-balanced fertilizer program to ensure proper phosphate levels in the soil.

Gravity PGS Products

Heritage PPG has created a variety of PGS products in the Gravity family line. Gravity SL PGS is a unique blend of plant growth hormones that are also designed to promote root growth and encourage healthier plants. Gravity PGS can be applied to existing turf and ornamentals as well as new seedlings and transplants.

It not only helps to create stronger root systems in the plants, but it also assists with seed germination. It's also highly useful for cutting, sod, and seed establishment. Using it as a coating on turfgrass seed can help promote faster growth. Also, when you combine it with Gravity L Amp, the turf and plants will look healthier, fuller and grow faster than ever.

Create Lush, Healthy Turf with Gravity

You could always use an edge with your plant nutrition program. While it's perfectly okay to use fertilizer by itself, adding Gravity L Amp and Gravity SL PGS to your program will take it over the top. You'll notice faster plant growth, stronger and more resilient plants and turf, and denser, greener leaves on all of your ornamentals.

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