5 Inexpensive Tools the Pros Always Have on Hand

When it comes to vegetative management and pest control, professionals often rely on a variety of tools to make their work more efficient and effective. We've talked to some experts in the field and want to highlight five inexpensive tools they always have on hand. These tools can help you save time, ensure accurate measurements, and improve the overall success of your pest control and vegetation management efforts.

Measuring Cups

Accurate measurements are essential when working with pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals. Measuring cups are a simple and cost-effective solution for ensuring chemical application accuracy. Many professionals prefer graduated measuring cups with clear markings, making it easy to measure out precise amounts of chemicals for each application.

A pH Meter

Monitoring and maintaining the proper pH levels in soil, water, or chemical solutions is crucial for effective pest and vegetation management. A pH meter is a vegetation management essential that helps professionals quickly and accurately measure pH levels, allowing them to adjust their treatment plans accordingly. This ensures the optimal performance of pesticides, herbicides, and other treatments.

Computer-Adapted Microscope Lens for Insect/Disease ID

Accurate identification of pests and diseases is a critical part of pest control and vegetation management. A computer-adapted microscope lens allows professionals to take high-resolution images of insects and diseases, making it easier to identify the specific problem and to select the appropriate treatment. These lenses are affordable and can be easily attached to a smartphone or computer for quick and precise identification.

Glue Boards

Glue boards are excellent pest monitoring solutions for keeping an eye on pest activity, determining pest location, identifying pests, and assessing the level of infestation. They're also a great preventative measure when placed around structure entrances to trap pests before they enter and set up house. Glue boards are an important part of any Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program, and they can even be personalized with your company information to increase exposure. They're affordable and effective pest control tools for pest pros.

Versatile and Inexpensive Chemicals

Professionals looking for affordable aquatics management tools often rely on cost-effective chemicals that offer versatile application options:

  • Vegetation Management: Oust XP, at 6 ounces per acre, is a great complement to an Esplanade-based bare ground program. Oust XP helps with the one weak spot that Esplanade has, which is perennial grass control.
  • Aquatics: Clipper SC is very versatile and inexpensive. It can be used as a standalone foliar application for floating plant control such as duckweed, watermeal, and azolla. Clipper is also a great tank-mix partner with glyphosate, diquat, or imazapyr for quicker burndown and better control. It's effective as an injection for controlling certain submerged plants such as coontail and cabomba (aka fanwort).

By keeping these five inexpensive tools on hand, professionals in pest control and vegetation management can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their work. Investing in these essential tools will help you tackle various challenges and achieve better results in the field.

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